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Animaker review: 5 advantages and 2 disadvantages

Here's our review of Animaker, its 5 pros and 2 cons, to help you decide.
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Do you want to promote your company and your products even more? Video advertising campaigns are one of the best ways to do this today. Especially since there are platforms like Animaker to make the task easier. In the following, we’ll take a look at one of them. So, read on as we give you our take on Animaker, its 5 pros and 2 cons.

Animaker : what is it?

Animaker is a SaaS product company offering numerous video creation tools. It makes it easy to animate and create videos online. This includes marketing videos, advertising videos, Facebook videos, YouTube videos…

This whiteboard animation software is very handy for beginners. But it can also be used by professionals. In fact, you can use its drag-and-drop technique even if you have no coding knowledge with multiple templates. This gives you the possibility of creating videos in 5 different styles, namely :

  • Greenboard ;  
  • Includes Glassboard ;

What features are available on Animaker?

Animaker offers the most comprehensive library of animations. This platform is accessible to everyone : HR, marketers, sales…  You can use it to create animated videos without the slightest problem by following its guide.

Here are some of Animaker ‘s main features:

  • free online video creation tools and video transition;
  • single GIF and short video creation software;
  • customize background, colors, fonts, character appearance…
  • creation of different types of videos : infographic, craft, typography…
  • creation of free YouTube thumbnails;
  • screen recording software, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Animaker?

5 key benefits of Animaker

Animaker is a unique platform, thanks in particular to its many tools for importing, editing and exporting videos. As a result, it offers many advantages, including :

Live video editing

One of the great advantages with Animaker is the ability to perform live video editing. This makes your task easier, with tools available for cutting, cropping, trimming your videos. That’s not all, you can create overlays and a custom watermark and add effects to have a fantastic video.

Ease of use

The Animaker interface is easy to use. What’s more, this platform offers a vast collection of free footage. This includes videos, images and icons. It’s a handy solution if you want to enhance your experience.  

Optimal security

It’s cloud-based software. This means that your project can be accessed regardless of your location. Plus, if you have any questions, customer support is available 7 d/7 and 24 h/24.

Affordable pricing plans

Animaker’s rate plans are very affordable. You can choose between the Basic plan, Starter plan, Enterprise, etc. But if you’re new, try using the free plan and upgrade your account as needed.

Unique tools

Animaker is unique thanks to its certain tools for importing, editing and exporting your videos.   It’s a solution for creating a lyric video, a Thanksgiving video, a Black Friday video, instructional videos and much more.

The 2 major drawbacks of Animaker

Well beyond these main advantages, there are two drawbacks to Animaker that should be noted

  • Animaker’s free plan is limited;
  • The software has rather heavy graphics.

More broadly, with Animaker’s free plan, you don’t have the ability to export full HD and 4 k videos.

And given that most of the tool&#8217s graphics are heavy, you need to work from a high-performance computer for your edits.

What are the alternatives to Animaker ?

If this software doesn’t suit you, we recommend

What verdict for Animaker?

To sum up, Animaker is a very easy-to-use platform for your content creation work. It boasts several tools, making it the leader in its field.

However, it does have a few drawbacks that can’t be ignored. But in any case, they’re not entirely disqualifying.

If you’re looking for a new product, you’ve come to the right place.

As such, we highly recommend this tool for your editing and content creation work. It has a lot to give in terms of tools to help you achieve your goals.

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