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How do I create a product listing on Shopify?

To launch your e-commerce site, create a complete description of your products and find out how to create a product sheet on Shopify.
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créer une fiche produit sur Shopify
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Shopify is today’s most popular commerce platform. It is the CMS (Content Management System) most popular among online sales professionals. As an important tool for selling products, Shopify offers many advantages. It’s easy to use, configure and customize. Every sales site implies that there’s a product for sale. Product descriptions in product sheets are then necessary to better present a company’s various products online. But how do you create a product sheet on Shopify? To answer this question, we invite you to browse the rest of this article.

Why choose Shopify for your product listing?

Choosing Shopify for your product sheet offers many practical and strategic advantages. Shopify offers a user-friendly, customizable interface that simplifies the creation and management of product sheets, allowing users to highlight essential details such as descriptions, images, and product variants in a clear and attractive way. With built-in features for SEO, inventory tracking, and secure payments, Shopify also facilitates search engine optimization and enhances the customer shopping experience, essential for converting visitors into repeat buyers.

What are the steps for creating a product listing on Shopify?

Optimize the product sheet background

When you create a website, every objective is to make it well referenced. E-commerce sites are no exception. So, to make sure you do, it’s important to optimize the content of your product sheets before its form.

Title title

This is the title of the page that lets Google know what area you specialize in. So opt for a good title for your description form and choose your keywords carefully.

Description meta tag

These are the descriptions found after the title in Google search results. To sell better, this description must then be unique and must incite action.


This is the icon that often represents your company’s image. To immediately put web users at ease, this one image must be both professional and reassuring.

Product data sheet title

 It represents your product in a few words. This title must include the name of your product for sale and the keywords that will enable it to be well referenced.


 This is the center of your listing, so it must be of high quality. This content will talk about the various technical features of your products. But above all, all the elements and points that will set it apart from other peer products.

Description of your product

It provides all the details about your products and anything else your potential customers might need.

Reassurance information

 It puts your buyers at ease and gives them contact, delivery, payment and return information.

But apart from these elements, you should also note the availability of each product and bank on internal linking.

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Work on product sheet form

To create a product listing on Shopify, it’s important to work on the form of the listing. Once you’ve optimized the content, do the same for the form. In this case, this includes visuals (photo and video), ergonomics, the purchase block and reviews.

Photos and images

In fact, images and especially videos are the central element of your listing. What’s more, your potential customers generally rely on visuals to make up their minds. Clear, high-quality, crisp photos therefore highlight all the technical features of your product.

These photos can also be good ways of improving your SEO.


Also, the ergonomics of your Shopify product sheet is very important in the sense that it guarantees a good user experience. It is therefore important to insist on the logical organization, fluidity and manageability of your e-commerce site.

The shopping block and reviews

Purchase block and reviews are two elements that are equally important in helping customers make up their minds.

On the one hand, the block makes buying easier. But it needs to be made up of important elements that are well contrasted and visible at the same time to make sure. These include the product’s price, availability, delivery time and CAT (call To action) button.

And on the other hand, reviews are an excellent way of reassuring the web user about each product. What’s more, they also help to optimize the positioning of your product catalog on search results.

And on the other hand, reviews are an excellent way of reassuring the surfer about each product.

Focus on quality content for your Shopify product listing

As mentioned above, content is at the heart of your product listing. So, if you want to know how to create a product listing on Shopify, it’s essential to focus on this point in particular.

Here’s how to get started writing a product sheet that sells on Shopify :

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes

This step is important to be able to properly identify the needs as well as the desires of your target customers. In this way, you can describe the products in such a way as to reach your potential buyers directly.

Structuring your ideas

A product sheet must be clear, complete and concise. To achieve this, take into account the elements that must be included on your site. These include (du) :

  • Title,
  • Price,
  • Complete description (usefulness, assets, size, operation, composition…),
  • Using tips,
  • Legal notices,
  • List of accessories (those supplied and not).

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