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How do I create and manage a Pinterest Ads campaign?

To promote your products on Pinterest, learn how to create and manage a Pinterest Ads campaign.
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Pinterest is basically an online sharing hub where anything goes. But today, it also enables companies and individuals to promote their products or brands. More precisely, this is thanks to the Pinterest Ads advertising campaign. However, to succeed in your quest, you need to focus on your campaign. Hence the question: how do you create and manage a Pinterest Ads campaign? To find out, we suggest you read on.


What is a Pinterest Ads campaign?

Pinterest Ads is a combination of social media and search engine. That’s why this platform is ranked among the most powerful marketing tools with over 300 million monthly users. And with its many features, you can do something new to maximize your online profits.

More broadly, Pinterest Ads is a convenient way if you want to save and share your new ideas. That way, you’ll easily find your target audience. What’s more, Pinterest Ads also allow businesses to promote themselves and their products.

What are the steps to creating a Pinterest Ads company?

As you’ll see, creating a Pinterest Ads campaign isn’t easy. So you can hire a freelancer on BeFreelancr or on Fiverr.

Focus on visuals

In an advertising campaign, visuals are very delicate. That’s why you need to make sure your image is attractive and of high quality. To this end, choose an image format of 9 : 16 with a size of at least 1080×1920. As for the Pin titles and description, don’t forget to include your keywords.

Choose the right format

Pinterest offers 5 main ad formats. These are Static, Video, Shopping, Carousel and Collections. Your choice should generally be based on your objectives. But you can play around with different ad types to find out which one satisfies your audience the most.

Calculate your budget

In terms of budget, Pinterest is very satisfying. You can calculate and give an estimate of how much you want to spend based on your campaign duration and audience action. What’s more, you can deactivate your ad at any time if you’re worried about your budget.

Use targeting options

Whatever your advertising decisions, you need to consider your audience. If you’ve identified your customers, it’ll be easier to find out what they’re interested in.

Here are some targeting options you can use in this case :

  • Centers of interest;
  • Audience Actalike ;
  • Demographic data ; 
  • Replacements ;
  • Key words;
  • Extended, etc.

Evaluate your performance

Pinterest can generate great results for your campaign. But you need to keep an eye on how it’s performing. To do this, check out the Analytics section for ongoing evaluation to ensure your campaigns are optimized. 

What are the tips for managing a Pinterest Ads campaign?

To manage your Pinterest Ads ad, you should know that the best way is to use Ads Manager. Indeed, this is a kind of Pinterest advertising hub. It’s where you can set up your campaigns, track results to improve your performance over time.

But for this to happen, you need to be able to exploit and use Pinterest’s Ads Manager well. To do this, you need to have access to it, choose your ad well and think about using group ads. Here are more details!

Get access to Pinterest’s Ads Manager

To get access to Ads Manager, you first need to create an account. In fact, this tool is integrated directly into the Pinterest Business account. Then, search and access the ads menu.

Choose your own ad

Pinterest offers a wide selection of templates you can use. You can use them to create individual ads or your complex campaigns. But you still have the option of making things even easier. To do so, duplicate or modify an existing ad.

Using ad groups

Ad groups are very important if you want to run several ads at once. These ads in question share a related theme. In this case, add several ad groups. By doing so, you can easily reach your goal while staying within your budget.

Among other things, don’t forget to set your objectives beforehand to manage your campaign properly. After all, every objective depends on the latter. And note that each objective you choose can affect a number of parameters, such as targeting or bids.

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