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How do I find a good legal or tax expert?

Find out here how to find a good lawyer or tax specialist to help you prevent and solve your tax problems.
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trouver un bon juriste ou fiscaliste
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When setting up a business, you need to plan everything from A to Z, including the various problems. That way, you can provide answers in the shortest possible time to any concern. But to make sure of this, you often need to find an expert in a particular field. In the particular case of tax matters, you’ll need a tax specialist. In fact, this professional helps you deal with all kinds of tax problems that may weigh on your company. But how do you find a good lawyer or tax specialist? Here’s the answer!

What is a tax lawyer and what is his or her role in taxation?

A tax specialist is a professional who specializes in tax issues. They have particular expertise in state and local taxes, as well as federal tax regulations. Typically, a tax professional is a licensed attorney who has acquired specialized training and certifications in tax law or related fields.

When to call in a tax attorney?

There are several crucial situations in which consulting a tax professional is essential. Firstly, if you&#8217re facing a tax audit initiated by the tax authorities, a tax specialist can provide you with fast and effective assistance.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to call on a tax specialist to choose the optimum legal structure for your business. The structure you adopt directly influences your tax strategy and obligations. If you’re looking for a good lawyer or tax specialist, visit BeFreelancr.

Finally, contract drafting often requires the intervention of a tax specialist to ensure optimal tax compliance and legal security.

What’s the best option for finding a tax lawyer?

Finding a tax lawyer can be a daunting task. But knowing all the options available to you for doing so, it won’t be. Here are just a few of the options available to you:

The office of your state or jurisdiction

One of the best options for finding a tax attorney is to contact your state or jurisdiction office. These are associations of attorneys who will help you find a licensed tax attorney in your state. What’s more, the consultation is free and the price of services is very affordable.

The platforms

Another way, and one of the most effective, of finding a tax specialist are through platforms. For this, you can choose between :

  • BeFreelancr (our article) : a web-based service marketplace that acts as an intermediary between freelancers and companies, bloggers, individuals for one-off or long-term assignments.
  • Malt (our article) : a community of over 230,000 freelancers operating in a wide range of fields. You can enter into direct contact with them, without any intermediary.
  • Fiverr (our article) : a comprehensive platform operating as an e-commerce site. It enables companies to find experts for any project.
  • Upwork (our article) : also a platform for freelancers, but one that’s totally free and in English. It offers you the chance to work with freelancers from all over the world.
  • Freelancer.com (our article) : a freelance community where you can find an expert by city or profession according to your needs.
  • Codeur.com : a service connecting freelancers and project owners that’s fairly transparent. It includes several professionals in various fields

A local tax association

A local tax association is also a great option if you haven’t found a provider that meets your needs on Google. These are organizations that bring together tax professionals with considerable years of experience. In any case, don’t hesitate to interview potential candidates before making a final decision.

How to find the right lawyer or tax specialist?

Finding the right legal or tax professional can be a challenge. Here are some essential tips to help you in your search:

Check specialization and expertise

Make sure the potential tax lawyer has proven specialization and expertise in tax law. Examine his or her experience and training to avoid confusing a lawyer specializing in state tax matters with an expert in estates.

Confirm accreditation


Check all identifying information to ensure that the attorney is authorized to practice law.

Check insurance and license


Make sure the lawyer you choose has the necessary insurance and license. Confirm that he’s in good standing with all the courts of which he’s a member. This ensures that he can represent you effectively if necessary.

Following these steps will increase your chances of finding the right lawyer or tax specialist for your needs.

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