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How do I find a Shopify expert?

Find out here how to find a Shopify expert if you want to successfully create and guarantee the performance of your e-commerce site.
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Shopify is one of the content management systems (CMS or Content Management System), like WordPress, but dedicated to e-commerce, along with Prestashop and WooCommerce. It has enabled many businesses to expand. However, there are certain risks associated with its use. In fact, there are many technical aspects to consider before signing up. That’s why you need someone with the expertise to do it. But how do you find a Shopify expert? To help you do just that, read on as we take stock!

What is a Shopify expert?

Shopify Experts are experts in all aspects of the e-commerce industry (website creation, optimization…). Zoom in for more details about them!

The profile of an excellent Shopify expert

A Shopify Expert is a professional who has in-depth knowledge of Shopify and can make it work for your business. Above all, he or she must have a certification issued by Shopify.

Thus, he can intervene in all areas of e-commerce. This, from setting up your e-commerce shop to finding the right marketing strategy. He’s also someone specialized in creating a custom theme for your sales site.

In addition, the Shopify expert should also be able to provide you with all the necessary training materials. These generally serve you well in running your store successfully.

The Shopify expert should also be able to provide you with all the necessary training materials.

That’s not all, he can help you solve any troubleshooting issues your e-commerce site encounters. The same goes for any other challenges that may arise along the way.

That’s not all.

The services of a Shopify expert

As mentioned above, a Shopify expert is involved in all areas of online business. More broadly, their services include the following :

  • Creation of merchant sites in order to easily find new customers;
  • Optimization of your pages for a good user experience, a visual identity in your image and a responsive design adapted to the needs of your target customers;
  • Optimization of your content via CMS software, most of the time, as well as your links;
  • Launching your site with social selling (Facebook Ads, e-mailing…) ;
  • Etc.

What are the advantages with a Shopify expert?

Hiring a Shopify Expert has many benefits. The first, and most obvious, is that they can create your store much more efficiently and profitably.

More than that, this site builder can do it in less time, with fewer errors and with better results.

In addition, other benefits with a Shopify expert also include the fact that :

  1. Have better conversion rates. In fact, the expert can help you fine-tune your product descriptions and create attractive images. This will lead to higher conversion rates on your website.
  2. Have faster site speed. After all, the faster your site, the more likely customers will visit. Which means more sales opportunities for you.

Where to find a Shopify expert?

Knowing the profile and services of a Shopify expert, it’s time to learn how to find a Shopify expert, the best!

The most convenient way to do this is to consult the exhaustive directory of certified experts published by Shopify. Alternatively, you can always opt for agencies such as :


Considered the crossroads of web professions, BeFreelancr is a platform bringing together experts in various web professions (web developers, Shopify experts, WordPress, Prestashop, etc.). If you’re looking for a Shopify expert to build your e-commerce site and develop your online store, I highly recommend you go to BeFreelancr.

Store Tasker

Store Tasker is one of the best platforms for finding a Shopify expert. That’s not the point of the platform. Regardless, it provides an excellent service for finding your Shopify expert to create and modify sites or customize your pages. All at a pretty affordable price.


This agency, for its part, specializes in the design of merchant sites with a shipping configuration. Its teams have expertise in a wide range of fields. These include apparel, food, beauty, health, jewelry…


Also known as an expert in the creation of e-commerce sites, its years of experience testify to its know-how. This explains the many positive reviews the agency receives. But that’s not all: the agency owes its reputation to its attractive portfolio and fast response times.

How much does a Shopify expert cost?

The cost of a Shopify expert can vary depending on a number of factors, including expertise, geographical location and the specific nature of the services required. In general, hourly rates for Shopify experts can range from €50 to €150 per hour. For more specialized services such as custom theme creation, advanced SEO optimization, or the implementation of complex marketing strategies, costs can be higher. Some experts also offer flat rates or per-project pricing, which can be advantageous for specific long-term needs or large-scale projects. It is advisable to compare several offers and clearly discuss expectations and budget before choosing a Shopify expert to ensure an efficient and cost-effective collaboration.

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