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How do you find a male or female voice-over?

Are you looking for a captivating voice-over for your projects? We'll show you how to find a male or female voiceover with ease.
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For several decades, voice-overs have held an indispensable place in the communication and audiovisual fields. Their use has spread to almost every sector, offering a versatile solution for a variety of projects. Whether you need a male or female voice, specialized platforms now make it much easier to find them. In this article, we explore the most promising niches for voice-overs, helping you to bring your projects to fruition successfully.

Why opt for the use of a voice-over ?

Voice-overs are used to create a sense of depth in films and TV shows. The voice actors behind these characters bring the characters to life with their performances. They have a very specific way of sounding, so they’re all trained actors. They usually work in a studio recording booth with a microphone and sound mixer. In addition to acting, many voice actors are also singers, radio personalities or comedians. It’s best to start by thinking of someone you know who has the right voice-over style; then you can decide what the actor’s training should be.

Where to find a voice-over male or female?

Whatever type of project you’re working on that requires a voiceover, one thing’s certain: you need to find the right voice. How do you go about it? Apart from word-of-mouth, the best way to find the perfect male and female voiceover is to browse the various freelance platforms. So here’s a non-exhaustive list of the best platforms :

BeFreelancr, the popular freelance platform

BeFreelancr is the most popular platform for freelancers. It’s also one of the preferred options for freelancers; however, it still faces considerable competition from other platforms. Nevertheless, BeFreelancr enables freelancers to find work without experience thanks to its vendor and affiliate system. It also makes it easy for customers to find professionals in a variety of fields. To find a male or female voiceover to suit your needs, this platform will undoubtedly be of great interest to you.

Fiverr, the top-rated platform

Fiverr is a world-renowned microservices platform. For members who sign up on this site, it&#8217s sometimes questioned whether the site is really reliable, as many people say and prove that the site is full of scams. In fact, the Fiverr platform is a very reliable website with a very good service. However, to avoid scams, it&#8217s important to understand the website&#8217s code and know how to navigate the website correctly to get the most out of it and make money. If you’re looking for a voiceover for your project, this is a better option.

Upwork, the popular online services marketplace

Upwork is also recommended for finding the perfect voiceover. It’s an outsourcing site where freelancers and employers can meet to exchange ideas. It opened its doors in 2003 and currently has members from all over the world. Originally known as oDesk, the name was changed to Upwork in 2013. The site boasts 2.5 million members in a variety of categories. It is also specifically focused on computer-related topics.

Using the site, both parties can easily find items needed in their area. The UpWork website provides a search filter that allows users to search for jobs by keyword. This allows developers and designers to be easily located and contacted by potential employers.

To find a male or female voiceover, there are also other platforms such as :

  • Voyzapp
  • Voices
  • Voice 123
  • Voice Crafters
  • Voicfy
  • LOVO

In what project can a voice-over be requested ?

Nowadays, this practice affects almost every field of activity. But here are a few examples of when to use a voice-over.


It goes without saying that everyone has noticed. We use a voiceover on all ads. The aim is not to dub or play a character, but rather to convey a message to the consuming public.

In commercials, voice-overs play a crucial role, because we don’t forget the voice that caught our attention or touched our minds and hearts. Even after a while, it’s still remembered.

Voice-overs play a crucial role in advertising.

Audio books

With the development of technology, audio books are gaining in popularity. A story is more vivid and closer to reality when voice-overs interpret the characters. What’s more, many people would rather listen to a story than read it in a book.

In addition, the use of voice-overs makes listening to an audiobook more dynamic. In this way, a clear and concise reading will give the listener a much better experience.


Voice-overs have always been the one and only way to bring animated characters to life. This means that in cartoons, the use of a voice-over is a must. Note that this medium can also be used as a marketing approach.

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