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Moovly review: 8 advantages and 2 disadvantages

Are you looking for a tool to create animated videos? Discover Moovly! We give you our opinion on Moovly.
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avis sur Moovly
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Are you looking for an application for your sales strategies? Currently, opting for videos and animation as business strategies is a very profitable investment. If you want to present your company or activity in several platforms like social networks. Let us introduce you to an interesting software solution. We’re going to give you our opinion on Moovly with its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Moovly?

Moovly is an application for creating videos with animations. It offers you several images and animations for making your presentation or videos. It is designed for people whose aim is to make marketing strategies with videos and animations.

What are Moovly’s features?

Creating a new project

Moovly is a video creation platform that offers several powerful features to make it easy to create multimedia projects. To start a new project on Moovly, you must first create a user account. Then you can access Moovly’s user-friendly interface to start your project. One of the key features is the rich library of visual elements, such as images, videos and sounds, which you can use to enrich your creation. What’s more, Moovly offers an intuitive editor where you can drag and drop these elements into your video timeline.

To personalize your project, you have the option of adding animated text and special effects to make your video more dynamic. Moovly also includes audio narration tools, which are ideal if you want to record a voiceover to accompany your images. Once your video is complete, you can preview the result and make adjustments if necessary.

Finally, Moovly offers sharing and publishing options directly from the platform, allowing you to distribute your creation to various online channels. In short, Moovly makes it easy to create video projects thanks to its varied functionalities and accessible interface, ideal for users looking to produce visual content in an efficient and professional way.

Finally, Moovly offers a wide range of options for sharing and publishing directly from the platform, enabling you to distribute your creation to a variety of online channels.


Templates on Moovly are pre-designed templates that facilitate video creation by offering ready-to-use structures and designs. These templates cover a wide range of themes and visual styles, such as corporate presentations, educational videos, marketing ads, and much more. Using a template on Moovly allows users to save time by avoiding the need to create a video from scratch, while offering the flexibility to adjust and personalize content to their specific needs. It’s an effective solution for producing attractive, professional videos quickly.


The Gallery on Moovly is an extensive library of visual and audio elements that users can explore and use in their video projects. The gallery includes a variety of images, videos, audio clips, icons, shapes and other multimedia resources. It is regularly updated with new content to give users a wide choice when creating their videos. The gallery on Moovly allows creators to easily find elements suited to their project, making it easy to customize and visually enrich their video productions in an efficient and professional manner.

Moovly academy

Moovly makes videos available to teach you how to use it. Among these videos, you’ll find :

  • Getting started with Moovly edit
  • The dashboard
  • Moovly libraries
  • Modifying object properties
  • Downloading media
  • The scene in detail
  • Etc.

What are the advantages of using Moovly?

Using Moovly offers several significant advantages for video content creators. Firstly, Moovly offers a user-friendly interface that enables even beginners to create professional videos without requiring advanced technical skills. With its pre-designed templates and rich gallery of visual and audio elements, Moovly saves time and resources by offering ready-to-use tools for various types of video projects, such as corporate presentations, educational videos, and marketing ads.


In addition, Moovly offers intuitive editing features with a drag-and-drop editor, simplifying the process of creating and customizing videos. Users can add animated text, special effects and audio narration to enrich their creations effortlessly. Moovly also makes it easy to share and publish videos directly from the platform, enabling creators to distribute their content to social networks, websites and other online platforms with ease.

Finally, Moovly offers significant flexibility and adaptability thanks to its multi-device compatibility, enabling users to work on their projects from a variety of devices, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. In short, Moovly is a complete and accessible solution for creating professional-quality videos, suitable for both creative individuals and companies looking to improve their visual communication.

What are the drawbacks of the tool?

We haven’t found many drawbacks concerning the application except that :

  1. The creation interface is complex for beginners. But once you’ve used it for a while, it comes in handy.
  2. Learning videos in “Moovly Academy” are only available in English
  3. .

Moovly : The price

Moovly offers you the choice of a monthly or annual plan :

Monthly plans

  • Pro Monthly at $49 per month
  • Max Monthly at $99 per month

Annual plans

  • Pro Yearly at $24.92 per month
  • Max Yearly at $.92 per month

For multi-year subscriptions

  • Max 3 years at $33.31 per month
  • Max 5 years at $29.98 per month
  • Max Lifetime (10 year subscription) at $24.99 per month

    These subscriptions have the advantages of :

    • Make 50 downloads per month
    • All Pro features included
    • Use your fonts and colors
    • Screen and Webcam recording
    • Automatic text and subtitle translation
    • Automatic subtitling
    • Text-to-speech

    What are the alternatives to Moovly?

    However, let us introduce you to some alternatives to this tool :

    What do we think of Moovly?

    In our opinion, the Moovly animation creation platform is interesting. If you want to improve your marketing strategies to attract customers, opt to use this popular software solution. However, if you want to have beautiful animated videos, I advise you to collaborate with an animated video expert on BeFreelancr.

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