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Opinion on Promo.com: 5 advantages and 3 disadvantages

Are you looking for a good software to create your creative videos? Check out our review on Promo.com.
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Whatever type of event or activity you’re organizing, video has become an essential tool for energizing the occasion or communicating your ideas effectively. Today, video creation and editing are greatly simplified thanks to the emergence of professional online tools. Among these, Promo.com stands out for its ability to offer a variety of video types and for its many advantages. In this article, we will explore in detail and give our opinion on Promo.com, highlighting its key features and benefits for users.

What is Promo.com?

Promo.com is a video creation and editing tool. It allows users to create classic commercials, explain ideas and create other videos. Promo.com is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, web professionals and individuals.

Promo.com allows users to create and edit videos in a clear, easy-to-use interface. Subscribers can upload their completed videos here, and non-subscribers can use Promo.com to create online videos.

Promo.com is accessible to everyone, even beginners. Anyone can create an account on Promo.com and start making videos. On the other hand, anyone can also download videos from Promo.com for free. If they choose to pay, subscription prices start at $12. Anyone can then republish these videos on social media platforms like YouTube.

What are Promo.com’s main features?

Promo.com is a tool designed to help people create personalized videos. It therefore offers various predefined templates from which users can choose and add elements. In addition to this, users can add new elements, delete existing ones or cut them into different pieces.

Promo.com also enables all users to add sound to their videos via a royalty-free music library. It provides users with an online help team they can access at any time. They can also preview their work before each upload using the software’s advertised videos.

How much does Promo.com cost?

Promo.com offers new users a two-month free trial without asking for credit card information, which is rare in the industry where free trials are often limited to one or two weeks. This allows users to take the time they need to assess whether Promo.com’s services meet their marketing needs. During this time, you can explore the filming and editing features without haste, so you can then decide on the most suitable plan for sharing your promotional videos with your audience.

At the end of the two-month free trial, continued use of Promo.com for sharing promotional videos requires a paid subscription. The tool offers several paid plan options: the 12-clip premium plan at $39 per month, offering clips without a promotional watermark per year; access to the 100-clip premium standard plan for $69 per month, including brand management and the addition of custom watermarks; and finally, the Pro plan at $249 per month, offering up to 240 premium clips per year and management of multiple companies. Each of these plans allows unlimited video downloads, making it easy to create and distribute professional-quality marketing content.

What are the main alternatives to Promo.com?

If you don’t want to use Promo.com for various reasons, we suggest you use its alternative. You can choose between:

What are Promo.com’s strengths and weaknesses?

Promo.com is a high-performance software package that’s a pleasure to use. Apart from that, it has other interesting strengths. However, like all these tools for creating videos or photos, Promo.com isn’t quite perfect. By the way, in a second point, find the weak points of freelancing.

Strong points or advantages

  • Regular addition of new articles
  • Over 3,000 predefined video formats
  • Powerful ability to overlay text and music
  • Superior stock-recording options
  • Simple progression in video programming

Weak points or limitations

  • Somewhat expensive
  • No integrations with CRM systems
  • Bugs too often

What do we think of Promo.com?

Experienced video editors and beginners alike will find the platform easy to use, as it’s straightforward to use and quick to create videos. In addition to fair prices, the company also offers first-rate customer service.

If you simply want to attract and capture your followers’attention on various social media platforms, use this tool today to boost your company’s reputation.

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