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Powtoon review: 5 advantages and one disadvantage

Powtoon: Here are 5 advantages and one disadvantage of this platform. We give you our opinion about it.
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Nowadays, making animations isn’t as complicated as it used to be. Videos are now very powerful tools in the commercial field. But not only that, as it’s also widely used in education, entertainment… Because while content is now very important, videos have just as much a place in the market and have a better return on investment.

If you then want to make animated videos for your marketing strategy or for your presentations quite simply. Let us suggest and give you our opinion on an extraordinary tool. Powtoon, here are 5 of its advantages as well as one disadvantage.

What is Powtoon?

Powtoon is online animation software. It enables companies to communicate visually to their audiences in order to attract them to engage. From its multiple video creation features, it’s among the best animation tools available today. Indeed, if you want to present a company or a project, you can use without you having any videography or design skills.

Who is Powtoon dedicated to?

Powtoon is made for anyone with the urge to create an animation. But more practically, it’s most used by companies, students for their presentations, sales specialists or even other creatives. Non-profit associations also use it to run their campaigns.

What are Powtoon’s features?

The software has several features, and to start using it, you need to register on the platform. This is how it works:

  • You will have the possibility to choose for which reason, you want to create a visual :
    • For your personal use,
    • For a non-profit organization
    • For education
    • For a company and for work.
  • If it is for your personal need, he will ask you the reason : (for social networks, for a website…).
  • If it’s for a non-profit organization, you’ll have the choice between marketing, fundraising or education.
  • If it’s for education, you’ll have to choose whether you’re a student, teacher or administrator.
  • And finally, if it’s for a business or for work. You’ll have to choose the size of the company.

After creating your account, here’s what your workspace looks like.

We’ll now take a more brief tour of this screen.

  • You will have at your disposal several templates according to a category of your choice (education, marketing, entrepreneur,).
  • It also displays new templates at the bottom, the most popular ones, premium templates…
  • You can also import PPTX files onto the platform.
  • You can start creating your animation project in the “Blank” menu. You’ll have the choice of creating from an existing template or from scratch.

The Powtoon Studio editing screen will be displayed :

  • The left side of the screen is used as a slide or slideshow.
  • The right side is like a toolbox. You can add characters, text, background images… The characters are already dynamic. It’s nice.
  • The center displays your result. Everything you add will appear on this screen. In fact, you can preview your creation with the “Play” button at the bottom.

Why choose Powtoon?

There are many reasons to choose Powtoon :

  • Registration on its platform is fast, you can use your Google account, Facebook, etc.
  • His interface is intuitive. It is simple to use. It helps you get to grips with its creative editor with tutorials covering all its features.
  • The tool offers a free version that lets you do pretty much anything basic.
  • You don’t need to install any high-performance software on your computer as with professional applications. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re ready to go.
  • It offers several video and animation templates at your disposal.

    What are the disadvantages of the tool?

    • Limited customization options: Powtoon offers some interesting features, but the customization options are limited. As a result, it can be difficult to create videos perfectly tailored to specific needs.
    • High cost: Although Powtoon offers a free version, advanced features and access to premium content require a paid subscription. As a result, this can represent a significant investment for small businesses or individuals.

    What are the alternatives to this tool?

    Here is a list of alternatives to Powtoon:

    What do we think of Powtoon?

    In our opinion, Powtoon software is very interesting if you want to create your animation video quickly and easily. It does exactly what you’d expect it to do. Particularly in the field of video creation for learning and presentation purposes. Don’t hesitate to use it just in case. However, it’s no substitute for full-featured professional video editing software.

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