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RawShorts review: 3 pros and 3 cons

Basic computer skills can help you become a top video producer with the help of Raw Shorts.
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Discovering the pros and cons of RawShorts helps you understand its potential for creating animated videos and presentations. This online platform boasts an intuitive interface and a rich library of visual and audio resources, facilitating the rapid production of attractive content. However, despite its ease of use, some users may encounter limitations in terms of advanced customization and flexible creation options. Exploring these key aspects helps to assess whether RawShorts meets specific video content creation needs.

What is RawShorts?

RawShorts is an online platform for creating animated videos and video presentations intuitively and efficiently. It offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop tools, making creation easy even for users with no prior animation experience. RawShorts offers a library of predefined templates, royalty-free images, videos and music, enabling users to easily customize their creations. This platform is particularly appreciated for its ease of use and its ability to quickly produce attractive visual content for a variety of needs, such as marketing, education or professional presentations.

RawShorts features

Numerous models

There are hundreds of ready-to-use templates available, separated by different categories. RawShorts’advantage over its competitors is its focus on creating professional videos with little or no artistic talent.

It’s easy to use, with almost complete templates allowing you to create videos in a minimum of time. All you have to do is add your own text, branded audio and visual elements and you’ll have your own customized video, ready for export.

Numerous objects

RawShorts carries a wide range of objects available for use in any video creation. These objects number in the thousands and range from graphics, people and landscapes, and can be seamlessly added to any model. Surprisingly, all of these additional objects available on the RawShorts application already have built-in animation.

Drag-and-drop capability

Customizing videos is incredibly easy with RawShorts’drag-and-drop tool. It lets you move objects, people and sound clips anywhere, on any template. This drag-and-drop functionality takes just a few seconds.

What are the advantages of RawShorts?

Great variety of plug-and-play

Similar to other competitors, the RawShorts application contains predefined scenes, sounds and objects. What’s more, it contains a wider range and variety of plug-and-play templates so users can create videos faster and more easily without needing help.

Accessible anywhere with an internet connection

The online application enables the creation of animated videos anywhere in the world with web access. Video clips can be downloaded, trimmed and positioned.

Easy export and sharing of finished videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Business owners can pay per export rather than for a hefty monthly subscription. They would still have access to all its tools and features to create unlimited videos.

What are the drawbacks of RawShorts?

Somewhat difficult video customizations

The templates are not as customizable as other competitors. This leads to problems that are rendered unresolved. The voice-over function lacks the advanced quality of audio editing. The software is far too expensive for the quality of service it provides.

Internet connection required

Internet connectivity is always required when using the application. Internet speed may slow down progress when personalizing content. Apart from this, according to Google reviews, Raw Shorts lacks customer support services as live chat response is very slow.

Artificial intelligence of average quality

The AI in this app is actually pretty good at taking text and generating video. You have to constantly re-save your work, as it doesn’t save automatically. An error may occur when rendering the video

What are the alternatives to RawShorts?

RawShorts is a great tool that you can use on their site right now. But don’t forget that there are some interesting alternatives.

Doodly (Win/Mac)

Doodly is a desktop application for creating whiteboard animations and includes over a thousand royalty-free soundtracks, images and fonts. Animations created using this application have a professional appearance thanks to the smooth line drawings of its images.


Animaker is an online cartoon creator. With the free pricing plan, it&#8217s possible to create two-minute videos in SD quality, but there would be no download option. This application is suitable if the video plot isn’t important, as it only allows you to add text to the slides. It’s simple to create your video, since the tool takes care of everything else.


PowToon is an online animated video creator. All videos created using its free package are watermarked, in non-HD format and there’s no download option. This software application is suitable for explainer videos, professional presentations and slideshows, and includes royalty-free templates.

What do we think of RawShorts?

Our opinion is that Rawshorts is an excellent tool for anyone wishing to create their own hilarious animated shorts. The possibilities are endless, and it’s ideal for sharing with friends and family. There are many different options for creating your videos, making it easy for everyone. What’s more, uploading your creations to various social media platforms is simple with this program. Anyone can use Rawshorts to create fun, animated videos with ease! But, for great-looking videos, call in a animation video professional.

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