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I'm going to give you my opinion on redacteur com. Whether you're a potential client or a freelance writer, this is for you!
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I’m going to give you my review of redacteur com. Whether you’re a potential client or a freelance writer, this is for you!

Do you need to boost your search engine positioning and visibility on the internet, as an editorial project owner or web  writer? I’d like to introduce you to a reliable partner specializing in managing relationships between web copywriters, VSEs, SMEs, startups and major corporations. It’s Redacteur.com, a web copywriting platform that connects a community of experienced freelance copywriters with content marketing project owners.

Zoom in on the website’s operating principle, as well as the main advantages of becoming a freelance copywriter or customer of this platform.

What are the advantages of ordering texts from Redacteur.com?

Ordering your texts on the platform is the guarantee of optimized, hard-hitting, original and tailor-made content. Thanks to their perfect mastery of digital marketing and the rules of SEO and web copywriting, the freelance copywriters available on the platform will be able to offer you customized articles adapted to your brand identity, the specificities of your targets and your editorial charter.

Whether you want to prospect, inform, build loyalty, sell or convert, they’ll find the ideal words and the best ways to achieve your goals.

They’re well versed in copywriting and SEO optimization techniques to propel you to the top of search engine results and optimize your online visibility. Your texts will be built with relevant keywords in perfect coherence with your theme and with well-mastered HTML markup. The use of a well-enriched semantic field and text optimization tools enables them to provide you with high value-added content.

What about IA content or duplicate content?

Rest assured, every text is rigorously checked by a dedicated project manager. He or she ensures that all orders taken on by professional copywriters run smoothly. To this end, he or she proofreads and corrects each piece of content. He ensures the quality of the content delivered and that order processing deadlines are met. This guarantees rapid delivery, within the agreed timeframe.

On Redacteur.com, you’ll benefit from unique content written 100 % by humans with a professional writing style and an editorial line tailored to your editorial strategy. No risk of duplicate content or use of artificial intelligence.

Every text undergoes a plagiarism test before delivery. Our aim is to offer you unique, high-quality texts. That’s why 98 % of customers who place their trust in the platform are satisfied with the services provided on the site. The proof : 25 million words are written on the site dedicated to the web copywriting service.

Who can order texts from Redacteur.com ?

Polyvalent and experienced, the professional copywriters available on Redacteur.com will be able to write unique content for e-commerce sites, for web pages, for web agencies, for VSEs, startups and SMEs as well as for key accounts.

Blog articles, product sheets, corporate content, press releases, news web articles… find the right freelance web copywriter for your SEO copywriting needs. Whether you order by the unit or in bulk, it’s always possible to go through Redacteur.com.

Customers benefit from sliding-scale rates, depending on the number of words ordered. And that’s thanks to credit packs or bulk orders offering discounts of up to -30 %. Whether you specialize in marketing, economics, tourism, technology, art, catering, industry or finance, the editorial content creation professionals working on the platform have mastered more than 50 themes.

Don’t forget that Redacteur.com also offers proofreading and translation services.

How to find lasting, interesting assignments on the platform.

Becoming a freelance writer on Redacteur.com is a great opportunity to seize without hesitation. This SEO copywriting platform brings together over 15,000 web freelancers. They share the same ambition as Redacteur.com: to promote the profession of web copywriting. To find a wide range of cost-effective assignments, register with Redacteur.com as a freelance web copywriter. Simply create an account by filling in the registration form.

What are the criteria for registering as a freelance writer?

To be accepted onto the web copywriting platform, you’ll need to meet certain conditions. One example is obtaining the status of a freelance professional or micro-entrepreneur. You’ll therefore need to provide your SIRET number and RCS or RM registration number.

You also don’t need to have a relationship with the platform, as a family member, employee or legal representative. Otherwise, your application will be rejected immediately. The platform also checks whether you are billed under a SIRET number that corresponds to your own name, in the name of your structure or in corporate form. Finally, it requires you to provide authentic documents to justify your personal and professional identity.

To apply for the various assignments published on Redacteur.com, simply apply and indicate the delivery time you need to process the order. You’ll also be asked to provide a text extract relating to the customer’s order of your choice. If the customer chooses you, you can take charge of fulfilling the order.

In addition to the varied and interesting assignments offered on the platform, it’s also possible to benefit from the notoriety of the Redacteur.com website to boost your visibility with potential customers.

Being part of this community of skilled web copywriters is therefore the assurance of a secure professional future. And for good reason, you’ll be seen as a credible freelance web copywriter in the eyes of recruiters. Be warned, though, that the competition is pretty stiff on Redacteur.com.

 To succeed in landing assignments, you’ll need to demonstrate responsiveness, professionalism and originality.

Review on redacteur com: An alternative?

The privacy policy on Redacteur.com often leaves much to be desired. Anyone logged onto the platform will be able to see orders published on the site despite the “hidden order” mode. If this shortcoming doesn’t suit you, and you’re looking for an alternative to Redacteur.com, you should know that there are plenty of choices.

But not all matchmaking platforms are worth the merit. Only a few sites are trustworthy, such as BeFreelancr. Here you’ll be able to unearth beautifully-written web copywriters to support you in your content marketing strategy.

This easily accessible web platform will put highly qualified, creative, serious and detail-oriented professionals at your service. Best of all, it implements a strict confidentiality policy. Ditto for novice web copywriters, you’ll easily find your place on BeFreelancr.

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