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What do I think of Wix CMS?

Creating websites in just a few minutes is now possible thanks to the Wix CMS. Let me tell you what I think of Wix CMS.
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avis sur le CMS Wix
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In terms of website creation tools, various CMS are available to developers and programmers. These include WordPress and Wix. The latter is a young platform, but one of the most widely used CMS. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you everything you need to know about the Wix CMS. And I’d also like to take this opportunity to give you my opinion of Wix CMS and what I think of it.

What is Wix CMS?

Do you want to know what I think about Wix CMS ? Find out first what a Wix CMS really is.

Wix is a tool for creating websites, just like WordPress. It has characters that are easy to get to grips with and simple to use. This effectively enables beginners to design web pages in it more quickly. Since it’s a cms or an e-commerce solution, it also offers modules specifically for managing your e-commerce site.

What are the features of the Wix content management system?

Its intuitive character makes Wix a cms software most used by developers, non-professional and experienced. With the content management system it features, the wix platform offers a multitude of possibilities for editing a page.

The Wix CMS offers a free basic package with which you can create websites and put them online. But in this package, operations are limited due to the fact that there are certain non-customizable features.

If, on the other hand, you wish to have the more advanced modules, it becomes necessary to subscribe to paid catalogs.

If you want to know what my opinion of the Wix  CMS is? represents a perfect tool dedicated to novices in creating a showcase or e-commerce site.

Can we take advantage of a wide choice of templates with Wix ?

Just like WordPress, Wix offers a whole arsenal of templates made up of different site templates. Thanks to these themes, the design phase of an e-commerce site becomes as simple as child’s play. By way of clarification, the package can be free or paid depending on the template you choose. For example, if you’re creating a blog or a simple showcase site, a free template is more than sufficient. On the other hand, for more complex e-commerce sites, paid options are necessary.

However, if you’re unable to create your online store yourself, don’t hesitate to call on a Wix expert by going to BeFreelancr.

Is Wix suitable for SEO ?

Of course, Wix offers all the features needed in the SEO optimization of your website. Like : Title, meta-description, URL customization, etc. This package forms a veritable personal assistant that guides you through the entire process of improving your SEO. There’s also the Wix SEO which is a remarkable application. It can take you step by step through the SEO process.

What are the main advantages of using Wix  CMS?

Hosting concerns out of the way

The choice of a web hosting service is one of the problems to be solved when proceeding with the creation of a site. With Wix, you don’t have to worry about this, just register with the service to receive a site hosting space.

No need to be an excellent programmer

In practice, using the Wix CMS doesn’t require any knowledge of programming or web design. This is because the modules and options offered by Wix are so easy to use and very intuitive.

Wix represents an easy-to-understand learning curve


This is relative to what we said earlier. Thanks to its simple, intuitive features and the ” drag-and-drop “ system, beginners can follow the Wix learning curve without difficulty. It requires little time to test its options in order to manage the platform with mastery.

Image galleries, videos and templates are available


Photos, images, videos, theme templates… these are all ready-to-use elements. From these elements, you have an infinite number of ideas for designing your merchant site without having to worry about copyright.

What do we think of Wix?

Would you now like to know what I think of the Wix CMS ? It’s the ideal CMS software for designing an e-commerce website using the ” drag & drop “ system. It offers a multitude of available templates, not to mention the app-market application, which provides access to numerous functionalities.

Furthermore, the free package lets you test the CMS’s effectiveness quickly before moving on to more complex options. Wix ranks among the best CMS for creating a website.

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