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10 tips for mastering PowerPoint

Do you want to give a successful presentation? Discover our 10 tips for mastering PowerPoint.
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PowerPoint is the most referenced presentation software in the professional world. Whether you’re giving a school presentation or selling a project to investors, knowing how to use PowerPoint helps you convince the audience. What’s more, it’s easy to use. However, many people don’t know how to use this comprehensive software. With our tutorials, you can learn all the ins and outs of creating effective slideshows by mastering PowerPoint’s main features. Discover in this article the 10 tips for mastering PowerPoint.

Putting in a nice graphic or flowchart

The graphic or flowchart is a must in PowerPoint. It allows you to effectively represent or illustrate an idea or data. As a result, it makes it easy for the audience to understand your presentation. To easily add your chart or flowchart, simply click on ” Insert “. In this tab, you’ll find a multitude of options to help you create the graphics you have in mind all by yourself.

Choose a PowerPoint theme

The use of a theme in PowerPoint is also something you need to master. In fact, it’s in this step that we make the presentation as aesthetically pleasing as possible. To do this, go to the creation tab. There you’ll find a number of predefined styles to choose from, and you can select the style that best suits your ideas.

On the other hand, if you want to customize your own theme, but don’t have the skills to make it happen, hire a freelancer.

Insert a video into PowerPoint

Like graphics, videos are quick and effective ways of clearly presenting one or more ideas. You then need to master its insertion so that your presentation is much better and more complete than with simple charts or flowcharts. To do this, click on ” insertion ” then ” video “. Then add your video or YouTube link.

Convert your file to PDF

This step is very popular with PowerPoint, as it’s much easier to read. All the reader has to do is simply open it without the need for any specific tools or applications. To convert the file, click on ” File ” then on ” Save as “. Next, choose the format you require. Here, you’ll click on PDF.

If not, you can also convert your PDF file to Word format when you need it by proceeding in the same way.

Add a text box

If the template you have doesn’t suit you, you can always modify the content by adding a text box. To do this, just click on ” Insertion “, then on ” Text zone “. Once you’ve added your changes you can save and update your template.

Slideshow control

By mastering the use of the slideshow, you can customize your template as you wish. Then click on ” Slideshow “, and start creating your template. Note that when you open this tab, you’ll find a wealth of features. Don’t hesitate to explore them for a creative and original rendering. If you need help making a professional slideshow, you can always ask the specialists for help.

Using transitions

Using or creating transitions is one of the 6 tips for mastering PowerPoint. It should be noted that transitions are bridges between one slide to another. This ” Transition ” tab will allow you to choose different effects between all the slides in a slideshow.

Check spelling

For an impeccable presentation, we always recommend double-checking the spelling of your slideshow. To do this, before showing it to your audience, find all the mistakes by clicking on the F7 keyboard shortcut. This will launch an automatic spell-checker to analyze your slide. Once any mistakes have been detected, correct them and update your slide.

Lighten the file to be sent

To avoid any problems sending your presentation, you need to make your file with text, media and images as light as possible. To do this, compress them by going to the ” File ” tab. Then activate the compression of your media without forgetting to choose the quality level that suits you.

Transform PowerPoint into video

It’s possible to easily broadcast a slideshow as a video by choosing to save your file in MP4 format. This can be done by going to the ” File ” tab and choosing ” Save as”, then selecting an MP4 file template from the list. You can then download or send the slideshow via various methods.

There are many tips for using PowerPoint; however, some are more useful than others depending on the situation. Knowing certain tools and techniques with the software goes a long way towards making it easier to use.

There are many tips for using PowerPoint; however, some are more useful than others, depending on the situation.

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