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How do I create a Twitch emote?

If you'd like to have your own emoticons to use on Twitch, here's how to create a Twitch emote.
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You’re on Twitch and you’re intrigued by the emojis other users are sending. You wonder, where did they get these funny emoticons? Actually, they’re Twitch emotes. You can create them yourself, and in fact, several applications let you do just that. If you’re reading this article, you’re interested. So, apart from enlisting the services of a motion design expert on BeFreelancr, we’re going to show you how to create a Twitch emote.

What is a Twitch emote?

Emotes are emoticons like the ones you use in your social networks. While a Twitch emote is an emoticon used in live streaming called Twitch. They can also be used in several social networks. On the Twitch streaming platform, they’re used almost as a language for self-expression. Streamers prefer using them to writing. That’s why it’s important for them to have more personalized emojis.

Several online applications let you design Twitch emotes like :

You can also create your emojis directly on the Twitch platform.

How to create a Twitch emote


To show you how to create a Twitch emote, we’ll illustrate the steps with the Canva application. Let’s start then :

Go to the Canva platform

  • Go to Canva.
  • Do a search for “Emote Twitch” on Canva’s search bar.
  • The app offers several templates for your creations. Click on the one you want. Then all you have to do is make any changes. If you want more templates, you can use the premium account.
  • You can also start from scratch by clicking “Create a blank Twitch Emote“.

Create your Twitch emote

Once you’ve made your choice between using a template or starting from scratch, you’ll see the following editing interface :

To create your Twitch emote, we’re going to help you get to grips with the features of the editing interface.

In the image above, we’ve chosen to start from scratch. You’ll see a vertical menu bar on the left of the screen.


In case you change your mind and decide to use a template, you can see several templates you can use in the “Templates” menu. You can search for the model you want by its name, by color or by price in the filter.

Some category suggestions are also displayed at the bottom of the search box like : Sport, CV, Nature…


This menu is like a toolbox. It provides you with several elements that you can add to your Twitch emote. You can add tables, frames, videos, photos, audio… You’ve got lots of possibilities.


You have the option of importing files in this menu, videos, images and even audios. You’ll be able to connect your files to your accounts: drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, …


It’s also possible to add text to your Twitch emote. From the search box, you can search for the type of font you want. You can add a text area : add a title, a subtitle and add lines in the body of the text.


With this menu, you can view photos that the app offers. With a premium account, you can have access to thousands of images. You can choose from popular images of the moment.

Upload your creation:

When you’ve finished creating your Twitch emote, all you have to do is upload it. To do so:

  • Click on the “Share” button at the very top right.
  • Choose “Download” then simply choose the file type. We recommend using the PNG extension. You can also define the size of your image as well as the pages to download.

You can save the upload settings in case you want your creations to be uploaded in the same way. This will save you having to set up your downloads every time.

You can also share your creations with other Canva users by sending the project link.

You’ll be able to share your Twitch emote on social networks (Facebook, twitter, Instagram…).

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