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How do I find a good accountant?

The work of an accountant is inseparable from the life of a company. Find out here how to find a good accountant.
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trouver un bon comptable
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If you run a small business or are self-employed, having an accountant can bring many benefits. An accountant helps you with key management functions such as bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll. As your business grows, so does your accountant’s involvement. He or she will prepare your company’s financial and compliance reports. He will also cover payroll-related tasks, as well as business planning. He&#8217ll also work on tax efficiency, and much more. But how do you find a good accountant? We give you all the tips you need to find a better one.

How to find the best references and reviews for an accountant.

Are you part of your local small business community? Ask around for recommendations for accountants specializing in businesses in your area. Use your connections with community organizations or the Chamber of Commerce to get reliable advice. You might even receive an interesting recommendation via your bank, real estate agent or loan officer.

If you have no luck with local referrals, search online for accountants in your area. Use online reviews to assess their services and guide your selection. Forums and other online communities, such as Yelp, LinkedIn or local Facebook groups, can be valuable resources for finding reviews and recommendations.

Where to Find a Good Accountant on Freelance Platforms?

For your online accountant search, the platforms below can help.

  • BeFreelancr: among the accounting freelancers rigorously tested and verified by the platform, you’re sure to find someone who’s right for you.
  • Fiverr: there are accountants here with reasonable, but professional fees; ideal if you’re just starting out and your budget is tight.
  • PARO: this is a platform dedicated to the finance sector. The cost is a little high compared to the others, but freelancers are thoroughly vetted.
  • Upwork : this is a gigantic talent pool featuring thousands of freelancers from different fields. You’re sure to find a good accountble on this platform.

How to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Needs

Review your needs and their services. Accountants specialize in different areas. Some prefer to be tax preparers for multiple businesses, while others choose to help a handful of small business owners make financial decisions throughout the year. Some include accounting services and prepare your tax returns, while others focus on complicated compliance cases. There are solo accountants and larger CPA firms.

During an initial consultation with an accountant, ask him about the services he offers his clients. Discuss how he works with clients and his experience in your industry. You may already know that the accountant has some experience in your industry, but how much? You probably don&#8217t want to be their very first customer as they open a new store.

Find out about tax preparation fees. This will be a rough estimate, but asking several accountants the same question will help you get more transparency in their pricing. Look for their written rates somewhere for accountability and future reference.

How to check the qualifications of a good accountant ?

To ensure you choose a good accountant, it’s crucial to carefully examine his or her qualifications. A competent accountant must have the necessary identifying information to prove his or her knowledge and experience in professional tax matters. Here are a few steps to follow:

Apply for their preparer tax ID number


This number is mandatory for anyone paid to help file taxes for others. Check that your prospective accountant has this number.

Search for additional certifications and licenses

A certified public accountant, a registered agent, a licensed attorney, or a person holding a certificate from the Annual Filing Season program must be registered and searchable in the Experts Directory. These certifications are indicators of competence and credibility.

Check their membership of reputable professional organizations


A reputable accountant may be a member of various professional associations, such as a national association of tax professionals or the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. These organizations impose strict qualifications, such as a recognized degree in accounting, several years’experience and compliance with the code of ethics and professional conduct requirements.

Know the accounting software used and their electronic file policies


It’s a good idea to find out what tools and software your accountant uses to manage finances. Ask them if they have a client portal that can be linked to your financial files, making it easier for you and your accountant to exchange information.

By following these steps, you can be confident that you’re choosing a qualified and competent accountant to manage your tax and accounting needs.

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