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How do you create an advertising or promotional video?

Would you like to create an advertising video for your company or website? This article explains everything!
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A promotional video is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to market and sell your brand. 83% of marketers say promotional videos give them a positive return on investment, and 68% of consumers say they prefer to find out more about a product or service by watching a promotional video. How do I create an advertising or promotional video? The process of creating a good promotional video can be tedious and complicated. Here are some tips on how to create an advertising video.

What is a promotional video?

A promotional or advertising video is a short video that promotes a company’s product or service. The best promotional videos weave a story to educate, inspire or delight potential or existing customers. It’s short but educates people and inspires them to take a step forward. Consumers were asked what type of video would best help them make a purchasing decision: 15% responded with an explainer video, 16% chose customer testimonials and 69% chose product demos. A product demo video shows your product in action. Instead, it shows how a product works by diving into its features and benefits.

How to write a script ?

To achieve this, you can follow this general outline for your promotional video script:

Problem (What):

In addition, present the problem your product or service solves. What is the main problem or pain point that your target audience experiences and can deeply identify with?

Solution (How):

Then introduce your product and explain how it can help solve this problem in an easy-to-understand way.

Benefits and unique values (Why):

Why should they choose you over your competitors? What unique value do you provide that would motivate them to choose you? Then talk about these unique/principal benefits and values you offer.

Call to action:

Finally, end the video with an action you want them to take. Be sure to mention everything they would need to perform this action, whether it’s a website address, an e-mail address or a contact number.

What are the steps involved in creating an advertising or promotional video ?

Decide the length of your video and record the voice-over

Keep the script short. Avoid talking about every benefit or feature of your product offerings. Remember, you&#8217re fighting against your audience&#8217s attention span. Studies have shown that the shorter the promotional video, the more likely it is to be watched to the end. Once you have a script, you&#8217ll need a voice-over. Record the voice-over yourself, using a high-quality USB microphone and audio recording software. You can also hire a professional voiceover artist on sites.

Also, you can use text-to-speech software to generate a human voice-over. It’s the easiest and most effective way for anyone to create engaging audio narration themselves


Choose a visual style and create the visuals

A video is made up of a series of scenes. Each scene conveys a message and lasts a few seconds before moving on to the next and so on until the last. Your objective for each scene should be to clearly communicate your message with the right visuals. Once you’ve compiled a list of the visuals you need to effectively communicate your message to your audience, you need to create or find those visuals.

What type of style would you choose to create the promotional video? It depends on the type of promotional video you want to create. Do you want to create an explanatory video? If so, you’ll need to create an animation. On the other hand, visual elements for animations are usually created by a design professional using a tool such as Adobe Illustrator.

Add music to your video

Now it’s time to add music to your promotional video. For an explainer video, the emphasis should be on the explanation it offers. In this context, music is simply used to help make the explanation effective. The music simply adds to the explanation and takes a back seat.

By the way, when you’re talking about your product, using upbeat, funky music can make the product easy to use, and when you’re talking about the problem your product solves, using dramatic, suspenseful music can make the problem resonate with your audience. You can automatically lower the sound of this background music, only when the narrator is speaking, using a technique called sidechain compression or ducking).

Why use advertising or promotional videos ?

Advertising video media is a major source of revenue for many companies. It’s also a primary source of inspiration for consumers and creative marketers alike. Promotional videos are used to promote events, products and services. Advertising and promotional videos take many forms. Videos can be broadcast to a specific audience or shared socially on the Internet.

In both cases, the end goal is to engage an audience and generate a desired outcome. More specifically, video advertising projects are highly creative and can be quite unique from other projects. As such, it&#8217s an important medium that can have a considerable impact on the world we live in. If you want to have beautiful advertising or promotional videos, it’s best to call in an expert on a freelance platform.

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