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How to fix a WooCommerce bug?

Would you like to know how to fix a WooCommerce bug? Discover all the possible solutions in this article.
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corriger un bug WooCommerce
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The website or blog represents a real showcase for professionals. However, bugs are often encountered despite the fact that one of the best CMS WordPress is a very easy-to-use tool. This certainly impacts the site’s efficiency to the point where visitors leave the page. In this situation, you need to look for a quick and reliable solution. If you’re currently experiencing this kind of problem, and you’re asking yourself this question ” How to fix a WooCommerce ?  bug”, worry no more, because here you’re in good hands.

How does the WooCommerce  bug look like?

In most cases, the problem manifests itself by returning an error message displayed on the dashboard or dashboard, such as ” Publication failed “ or ” Update failed “. This happens when trying to put changes on the WordPress site.

The results are not only vexing, but they can also block visitors’ access to what they’re looking for. Faced with this situation, you need to know how to fix a WooCommerce bug.

The ” Publication failed “ error could come from a variety of origins. However, some are particularly related to the block editor. On the cms WordPress, the editing interface relies on the REST API to design, save and publish content.

What are the steps to fix a WooCommerce bug?

First of all, it’s important that you understand the causes that are preventing your woocommerce content from being published or updated. After that, it will be easier for you to find a relevant solution to the problem. Here are a few steps you can take to resolve this WooCommerce bug.

  • See if the REST API is blocked
  • Reactivate the REST API by resolving the detected error
  • Enable debugging system to look for errors
  • Install and activate the plugin Classic Editor as a temporary solution

Note that these four steps constitute the approach to be implemented to correct the ” Update failed “ or ” Publish failed “ error. Now let’s take a step-by-step look at this approach.

1. See if the REST API is blocked

Often, blocking or disabling the REST API is the cause of the ” Publication failed ” error in WooCommerce. If your WordPress site returns this message, proceed to test the REST API, this will let you know if it’s working or not.

To do this, you can implement the Site Health tool that’s already built into WordPress. You’ll find this tool by entering the Tools section, then Site Health.

Next, if the REST API is blocked, you’ll find error messages that are already listed at the bottom of the ” Status “ tab. These might be ” 403 Cookie Nonce Is Invalid “ or ” 401 Not Authorized “. Reactivating the REST API usually solves this kind of problem.

2. Reactivate the REST API by resolving the detected error

Theoretically, the Site Health tool provides information on how to re-enable the REST API on your WooCommerce. Here are a few solutions:

  • Check if Cloudflare blocks the REST API or not.
  • Make sure that one of the plugins is not blocking or disabling the REST API. If you have access to the admin, disable all plugins, then re-enable them. Otherwise, you’ll need to connect to your website via ftp.
  • Authenticate your WordPress site with the EST API by means of your .htaccess file.
  • Finally, determine if the problem comes from the server.

In the majority of cases, firewall applications or plug-ins are at the root of the problem, so it’s smarter to start the fix there.

3. Activate the debugging system to search for errors

Enabling the debugging system provides a temporary troubleshooting tool. This system keeps all PHP information in the debug.log file as a kind of backup. You can then search for errors in this file.

4. Install and activate the Classic Editor plug-in as a temporary solution

In case you can’t fix the WooCommerce bug, try to find a solution with your hosting provider, with a specific plugin or firewall and the WordPress support forums. If that’s not enough, you can find a WooCommerce developer on BeFreelancr.

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