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The 9 best presentation software

Are you looking for a project presentation tool to use? Here are 9 of the best presentation tools on the market.
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In the professional arena, project presentations are very important in business. Not only for the development of the business, but also for its brand image. As a result, the person in charge of presentations must seek out the best means for its success. When we talk about presentation tools, we mean software. In fact, there are many, but we have selected the 9 best presentation software, also the most popular.

Why use presentation software?

Presentation software is essential for clearly communicating ideas and information in a visual way. They enable data to be organized in a logical and attractive way, making it easier for the audience to understand. Using tools such as PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can structure your presentations with well-designed slides and striking graphics.

This helps to capture the audience’s attention and reinforce the main message. What’s more, these software packages often offer features for integrating videos, animations and charts, making presentations interactive and memorable. In short, they are indispensable for creating professional and effective presentations.

What are the 9 most famous presentation software packages?

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is unquestionably the most widely used presentation software. Appreciated for its simplicity and ergonomics, it offers a vast library of images, stickers, videos and animations. It’s a practical tool for creating effective presentations. The search bar makes it easy to find suitable graphic elements. PowerPoint can also be used to integrate a variety of content, including Excel tables, into presentations. Despite its ease of use, it offers great flexibility for creating both simple presentations and highly customized slides.


Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation platform available in two versions: free and premium. It offers impressive features for easily managing presentation content. The main advantage of Google Slides is its cloud integration: all your presentations are automatically backed up, eliminating the risk of data loss. What’s more, being a SaaS service, it requires no installation on your computer and can be accessed from any device, making collaboration and mobility easy.

In terms of creation, Google Slides offers a rich library of free slide templates. This diversity means you can quickly create customized presentations tailored to different needs and styles. These pre-designed templates offer a solid foundation while allowing for extensive customization, which is ideal for users wishing to achieve a professional result without investing a lot of time in the initial design.

Apple Keynote

Google Slides is a presentation platform available in two versions: free and premium, offering advanced features to effectively manage presentation content. Its main advantage lies in its integration with the cloud, ensuring automatic backup of presentations and thus eliminating any risk of data loss. As a SaaS service, Google Slides requires no installation, making it accessible from any device, promoting collaboration and mobility.


When it comes to creation, Google Slides offers a wide range of free slide templates, making it easy to quickly create customized presentations to suit a variety of needs and styles. These pre-designed templates provide a solid foundation while allowing for in-depth customization, perfectly suited to users looking to achieve a professional result without requiring preliminary design expertise.

LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress stands out as an exceptional tool for creating presentations. Part of the LibreOffice suite, it offers remarkable flexibility thanks to a variety of editing modes. Normal view mode enables general editing of slides, while outline mode efficiently structures textual content. For managing notes added to each slide, the notes mode is particularly useful, making it easier to manage additional information. Finally, prospectus mode is specially designed to create printed material from the presentations produced.

Using LibreOffice Impress, users benefit from a comprehensive range of tools to create and customize their presentations according to their specific needs. This open-source software suite offers a flexible and powerful alternative for those looking for advanced presentation functionality without the cost constraints associated with commercial solutions.

It’s the ideal solution for those who want to create their own presentations.

iSpring Suite

Although iSpring Suite is based on the famous Microsoft Office PowerPoint suite, it has other features. This sets it apart from other presentation software. It offers a high degree of customization in your presentations.

iSpring Suite offers several remarkable features for creating presentations:

  • Create remarkable quizzes
  • Make conversation imitations
  • Integrate a large content library (images, various animations, etc.)
  • Develop screen-casts.

Aside from all this, iSpring Suite offers other options such as : transforming Word, PPT and PDF files into conversational eBooks that feature page-turning effects. What’s more, presentations designed via this software open perfectly with any type of digital media.


The SlideDog software features a very special system. Indeed, it offers the possibility of combining various media supports in a single presentation. In this way, the integration of these media makes it possible to design a dynamic and captivating presentation.

In a single slide, you can integrate different elements such as:

  • Images/photos
  • Videos
  • Powerpoint files
  • Text
  • PDF files
  • And much more

Similarly, you have the option of live streaming your presentations designed with SlideDog. You can even get your audience to react during the narratives. What’s more, this software features a chat and analysis tool.

7) Microsoft Sway

If you’re an avid user of Microsoft PowerPoint, looking for an alternative to it, Microsoft Sway is for you. It’s an excellent presentation program.

In order to access this program, you must first open a Microsoft account. Slides are created using templates pre-integrated into the platform. All you have to do is add your own content and personal touches.

You can, for example, integrate content of these types :

  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Cards
  • Images/photos

Microsoft Sway software incorporates particularly impressive animations. It features a function that automatically adds animations to newly created slides.


Slides.com is a cloud platform designed for managing and creating presentations. With its intuitive dashboard, even novice users can easily create complex slides. This flexibility also facilitates collaborative working, enabling teams to perfect their presentations together effortlessly.

Among its key features, Slides.com stands out for its high degree of customizability, with output files in CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This feature allows users to manage and modify their designs autonomously. What’s more, being accessible via the cloud, Slides.com offers permanent availability of slides, accessible at any time and from any location. Advanced features, such as developer mode, are available for those with CSS and HTML skills, offering advanced options for experienced users.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck stands out as one of the quickest and easiest tools for creating elegant presentations. Thanks to its superb templates and a wide selection of pre-integrated images, it offers unique customization that lets users design eye-catching slideshows in no time.

Among its core features, Haiku Deck offers an extensive gallery of templates and thousands of royalty-free images, enabling unparalleled creative customization. Its simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to create minimalist yet impactful presentations. What’s more, Haiku Deck allows the addition of audio narration, the integration of YouTube videos and even offers the possibility of recording presentations in video quality, suitable for a variety of professional and personal needs. Its ingenious design is particularly appreciated by users looking to create visually appealing presentations without requiring advanced design skills.


There’s no shortage of presentation design tools – there’s a whole heap of them on the Internet. Some are just as powerful and effective as others. But at least you have these 9 best presentation software at your disposal, giving you a very wide choice. Now all you have to do is put your creativity to work using one of these presentation software packages.

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