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How do I find a virtual assistant?

Are you looking for a virtual assistant? In this article, discover our tips for finding a virtual assistant.
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trouver une assistante virtuelle
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Virtual assistants are currently gaining in popularity due to their accessibility, simplicity and effectiveness in a variety of scenarios. Most companies find the use of virtual assistants very useful for carrying out tasks such as administrative tasks, or replacing staff members at work.

In addition, a company is finding increasing success in opting to collaborate with a virtual assistant for a number of reasons. Are you looking for a virtual assistant ? This article is your guide. Here, we show you why using a virtual assistant is advantageous and how to find one.

What is a virtual assistant ?

A virtual assistant (or VA) is a person who offers his or her services to a company via the Internet. Companies call on virtual assistants to help with various administrative tasks such as data entry, marketing or customer service. A virtual assistant&#8217s job is very similar to that of an assistant, except that it&#8217s done remotely. In fact, a virtual assistant works from home or in a co-working space.

Why use a virtual assistant ?

There are many reasons to use a virtual assistant. Here are just a few:

A better option for delegating your administrative tasks

A virtual assistant can perform administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, sending e-mails and carrying out research. These tasks are easy for a virtual assistant to perform, as she has the necessary skills in the field.

Enhanced competence

Moreover, you don’t need to invest heavily in training virtual assistants. They are self-sufficient after just a few autodidactic sessions or professional training. In many cases, you don&#8217t even need to tell them what you want to do. They’ll learn on the job and work perfectly every time.

An alternative way to spend less

Hiring a virtual assistant is often cheaper than hiring an employee. Nevertheless, this depends on the type of work you’re doing. If you&#8217re looking for someone just to do simple tasks, it&#8217s usually cheaper to hire an assistant than to pay a VA. It&#8217s better to use a virtual assistant rather than an average worker if you want your project completed quickly and correctly. You can also save money, as a VA is generally paid by the hour. What&#8217s more, it can be cheaper to outsource work abroad if you want your project completed quickly and don&#8217t mind cost overruns due to inefficient wage rates for workers in your home country.

A better way to save more time

Many business leaders find working with a virtual assistant very useful, as they don’t have time to spend hours in front of the computer. VAs can help with errands and routine tasks such as paying bills, scheduling appointments and updating databases. It can also help with projects that require attention for hours at a time.

Yet, many companies struggle to find virtual assistants due to the competitive nature of the field ; however, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of finding one.

What are the best ways to find a virtual assistant ?

To find a virtual assistant, here are some effective methods:

Social networks

Social networks can help you find a virtual assistant easily. They include :

The blogger network

While recruitment is increasingly done via social networks, it has to be said that classic word-of-mouth still works just as well. This is particularly true for service providers acting solely on their own behalf. Don’t hesitate to ask your bloggers if they know of or use the services of a virtual assistant themselves. Having outside opinions can help you find the right arm, and getting their feedback can help you find a virtual assistant.

Freelance platforms

To find a qualified virtual assistant, one of the best solutions is to browse the various freelance platforms. Here’s a list of the best platforms available:


BeFreelancr is among the best online service marketplaces. Here you’ll find countless service offerings from freelancers working in many fields such as graphic design, web development, translation, copywriting, transcription, web design, telemarketing, virtual assistantship and many more. BeFreelancr is one of the best platforms for finding professional freelancers, including virtual assistants.


Malt puts you in direct contact with registered freelancers. So you can find virtual assistant profiles by entering keywords such as “web assistant” or “assistant blogger”.


Codeur.com is also a well-known platform that allows you to find a virtual assistant capable of meeting your expectations.


Freelancer.com is another platform better appreciated by freelancers and companies alike. Indeed, this platform currently has thousands of active freelancers and offers several opportunities to recruiters looking for ideal profiles. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant, visit this platform.

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