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How do I optimize a WordPress post?

Want to know how to optimize a WordPress post? Follow these practical tips.
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optimiser un article WordPress
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Optimizing your website for search engines is very serious business. Among the various WordPress SEO practices, some are directly linked to plugins and also to the configuration of your content management system or CMS. In fact, WordPress is one of the CMS (Content Management System) most widely used in the world for creating blogs and websites. Once WordPress has been installed on your server, I recommend that you find out more about WordPress SEO optimization. How do you optimize a WordPress post? Find out in this article.

What are the benefits of optimizing a WordPress post?

How do you optimize a WordPress post? Before answering this pertinent question, let’s first discover the benefits of optimizing a WordPress article. You may be totally unfamiliar with the concept of SEO, or it may be abstract. Yet SEO has many advantages for your business and especially for your WordPress site or blog.

A strong digital presence

WordPress sites can be considered reliable sources of information on Google search results, when they are well referenced. Optimizing the site&#8217s SEO criteria then increases the visibility of online sites. And that, by placing it higher up on search engine results pages.

The more your WordPress sites appear on the first page of search results, the more credibility and expertise you’ll have. Then have sites with good functional SEO to assert your digital presence and attract more visitors.

Well-qualified traffic

The content you create on your WordPress site and the keywords you use will position your site in relation to a theme or topic.

This positioning on certain specific queries will then enable you to better target a category of audience truly interested in your content.

Qualification in your field of activity

Having a website that ranks well on Google will give your company credibility in your industry. It will even be seen as an expert in its field. As a result, consumers will trust your company more and may even become loyal customers. Your WordPress sites must then help and inspire them, or they won’t come back.

Optimizing a WordPress site requires many actions. To achieve your SEO goals, entrust your sites to real SEO specialists, who you’ll find on platforms like BeFreelancr for example.

What steps should you take to optimize your WordPress posts?

Do you want to know more concretely how to optimize a WordPress post ? Find out in this second part.

Checking your site’s visibility

If you want your SEO actions to be effective, make sure that nothing hinders the optimization of your sites. To do this, uncheck the box asking search engines not to index your site. You’ll find it in Settings/Settings and Reading.

Customize permalinks

Search engines use permalinks to determine a site’s SEO. To be taken into account by the search engines, include an ounce of information about your content in your URLs. To do this, don’t hesitate to incorporate important keywords.

Choosing the right SEO title for your WordPress site

For good natural referencing of your blogs and sites, don’t neglect your SEO title. The SEO title is not only used to give Google information about your article, but it’s also the title that will be displayed in the various search results. So it’s crucial. It’s by seeing it that web users will decide what to do : click on the link or not.

Set a unique meta description

The meta description is the small text that appears just below the title in Google search results. In principle, it has no direct impact on SEO. However, it does help to present the page’s content in the best possible way. If it’s well-written, it will encourage many visitors to click through and visit your site. As a result, it will mechanically increase its SEO.  

Structuring the blog


They structure your blog in the same way as the classic table of contents. To this end, they facilitate navigation for all your visitors and allow search engines to do their quick analysis.


They highlight the themes of your content and allow search engines to better understand your content.

Thankfully, WordPress provides you with these features for quick and efficient structuring of your blog posts.

Optimize images

To improve the SEO of your texts, you also need to optimize the images that go with them. To do this, modify the title as well as the alternative text of each of your images according to your target query. Then add your main keywords.

SEO Friendly

In order for your WordPress site to be sufficiently SEO optimized through its content and form, it must also meet certain conditions :

Have a strong and reliable technical base 

To achieve this, your site must be a first mobile site, have a fast loading speed and clean coding, etc.

Have quality editorial content

The number of words in your articles directly impacts their SEO. So make sure your content is unique, quantitative and also qualitative.

Have popular content

To improve your number of views, focus on the quality of your internal and external links.

What are the best SEO plugins or tools to optimize your WordPress post

To further boost the optimization of your WordPress sites, you can use plugins like Yoast and 1. Fr.


Yoast SEO is a famous SEO optimization plugin. In fact, it’s the SEO tool most used by webmasters on WordPress. Easy to install and use, Yoast SEO builds a foundation of SEO best practices.


1.fr is a semantics tool that’s highly effective when writing articles or product sheets. It’s also an SEO optimization tool that consists of searching for relevant keywords corresponding to the themes of your articles. But also to see which keywords to place in an article to improve its semantics.

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