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How do I send a press kit to journalists?

Need to send out your press kit? We'll show you how to send a press kit to journalists.
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envoyer un dossier de presse à des journalistes
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Do you want to get your message out effectively? The key lies in a well-designed press kit. This essential communications tool presents key information about your company, event or product in a concise, attractive way. Structured in clear sections such as introduction, highlights, quotes and contact details, a press kit grabs journalists&#8217 attention and makes it easier for them to write articles. By including visual elements such as high-quality photos and relevant graphics, you enrich your message and reinforce its visual impact. By sending your press kit in a targeted manner to journalists specializing in your field, you maximize your chances of obtaining favorable media coverage.


What is a press kit?

A press kit is an essential document used to present key information to the media. It is used to inform journalists about an event, company, product or initiative. Structured in an organized manner, it usually includes a captivating introduction, highlights, relevant quotes, detailed information on the subject and contact details. Visual elements such as high-quality photos, graphics and infographics are often included to enrich the content and make it more visually appealing.

The main purpose of a press kit is to facilitate the work of journalists by providing them with all the information they need to write an article. It also helps to control the way information is presented in the media, by highlighting the strong points of the subject. Sending a well-designed press kit to journalists who specialize in the relevant field can increase the chances of obtaining favorable and accurate media coverage. In this way, an effective press kit plays a crucial role in an organization’s or event’s communications strategy.

Why send a press kit to journalists?

Sending a press kit to journalists is crucial for a variety of reasons:

Maximizing Media Visibility with a Press Kit

Sending a press kit to journalists is crucial to maximizing the media visibility of an event, company or product. By providing clear, concise content, a press kit enables journalists to quickly understand the essential aspects of the information to be communicated.

Easier Work for Journalists

Journalists are constantly on the lookout for interesting, well-researched news. A well-structured press kit provides them with all the information they need to write a complete and accurate article. This includes highlights, relevant testimonials and important statistical data.

Controlling the Narrative

By sending out a press kit, an organization can influence the way its story is told in the media. By highlighting strengths and key messages, it can steer the narrative to reflect its communication objectives.

Increasing the Chances of Media Coverage

Journalists receive a wealth of information every day. A well-presented, relevant press kit significantly increases the chances of attracting their attention and securing favorable media coverage. This can lead to greater public awareness and brand recognition.

How to send a press kit to journalists?

If you want to send a press kit to journalists, follow these steps:

Preparing a Press Kit

To maximize the impact of your message with the media, sending out a well-prepared press kit is crucial. Here are the essential steps you need to take to do this effectively:

Structuring the Press Kit

Start by structuring your press kit in a clear, organized way. Include an attractive cover page with the title of the event or topic, followed by a concise introduction that captures the essence of your message. Then organize the main sections such as highlights, testimonials, detailed information and contacts.

Relevant and Concise Content

Make sure the content of your press kit is relevant and concise. Use direct sentences and avoid technical jargon that could complicate comprehension. Include key statistics, concrete examples and relevant testimonials to reinforce your arguments and illustrate the importance of your subject.


Inclusion of Visual Elements

Include visual elements such as high-quality photos, graphics and infographics. These elements enrich your press kit and capture journalists&#8217 visual attention, making your message more memorable and appealing.

Identification of Target Journalists

Identify journalists who usually cover topics similar to yours. Search for relevant media contacts and personalize your mailing according to their interests and specialties. This will increase your chances of getting a positive response and adequate media coverage.

Sending methods

Send your press kit by email. Use a clear, catchy subject line that summarizes the content of your message. This will immediately draw the recipient’s attention to the importance of your information. Include a brief introduction in the body of the e-mail. Explain why this information is relevant to the specific journalist. Also indicate how it might be of interest to their readers or audience.

Follow-up and Response

After sending, be sure to follow up with journalists. Check if they&#8217ve received the press kit and if they have any additional questions. Respond promptly to their requests to maintain good rapport and facilitate media coverage of your story.

By following these methodical steps, you can effectively increase your chances of attracting media attention and generating positive coverage for your event, product or initiative. A well-prepared and strategically sent press kit is an invaluable resource in any effective communications strategy.

When is the right time to send a press kit ?

It’s much better to send your press kit starting on the second day of the week. Because on Monday, everyone is busy planning the week. Monday is therefore not appropriate for sending a document as important as a press kit.

If you’re looking for an experienced person to send your press kits to journalists, you can go to the BeFreelancr platform (our presentation here).

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