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How do I subtitle a video?

The subtitle is an indispensable part of a video. So, do you want to know how to subtitle a video? We'll show you right here.
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sous-titrer une vidéo
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Subtitling a video is essential for improving accessibility and engagement. Subtitles allow people with hearing impairments to follow the content, and they are useful for non-French-speaking viewers. By adding subtitles, you can also improve your video’s SEO, as search engines can index subtitle text. With modern tools, the subtitling process is easier than ever. Follow this guide to learn how to subtitle a video effectively.

What tools should you use to subtitle a video?

Using the right tools is crucial for effective subtitling. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are professional video editing software packages that offer advanced options for creating and synchronizing subtitles. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can import, create and adjust subtitles directly in your video project. Final Cut Pro also offers similar features, enabling seamless integration of subtitles. These tools are ideal for projects requiring high precision and detailed adjustments.

For those who prefer online solutions, Amara and YouTube Studio are excellent options. Amara is a collaborative platform that makes it easy to create, edit and synchronize subtitles. It is particularly useful for team projects, where several people can work simultaneously on subtitles. YouTube Studio, meanwhile, offers an automatic subtitle generation tool. Although requiring proofreading to correct errors, this tool greatly simplifies the initial subtitle creation process.

How to create subtitles manually

Creating subtitles manually takes a little time, but offers unrivalled accuracy. Start by listening carefully to the video and dividing the text into short, clear segments. Use a word processor or dedicated subtitle editor. Make sure you synchronize the subtitles with the exact moments when the dialogue is spoken. Finally, proofread and adjust subtitles to correct errors and improve readability.

How to automate the subtitling process?

Automating the subtitling process can save you a lot of time. Use speech recognition tools like those built into YouTube Studio or specialized services like Rev.com. These tools automatically transcribe the dialogue in your video and generate subtitles. YouTube Studio, for example, creates automatic subtitles that you can then edit directly on the platform. Rev.com offers professional transcription and subtitling services with high accuracy.

However, it’s essential to review and edit automatically generated subtitles to correct errors and improve quality. Speech recognition tools are not perfect and may miss words or misinterpret phrases. Take the time to check each subtitle, correct errors and synchronize text with dialogue. By combining automation and human proofreading, you get accurate, well-synchronized subtitles, which dramatically improve the accessibility and comprehensibility of your video.


How to add subtitles to a video?

Adding subtitles to a video can be done in several ways. If you’re using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Proor Final Cut Pro, import the subtitle file and synchronize it with the video. For online platforms, simply upload the subtitle file (in .srt format, for example) to YouTube Studio or Vimeo. Make sure the subtitles are aligned and visible, then export the final video with embedded subtitles.

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