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Notion: Presentation and review of this project management software

Do you want to manage all your projects efficiently? Find out more about Notion project management software and what we think of it.
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In a world where organization and project management are essential to success, digital tools play a crucial role. Among them, Notion stands out as a comprehensive and innovative project management software. Offering an intuitive interface and flexible functionality, Notion allows you to centralize all tasks, notes and documents in one place. Whether you’re a professional looking to optimize your work processes or a student looking to structure your studies, Notion adapts to your specific needs. This article presents an in-depth analysis of Notion, explores its key features and provides user reviews to help you determine whether this software is the ideal solution for your projects.


Notion: What is it?

Notion is a versatile project management and collaboration platform distinguished by its flexibility and power. Used by professionals, students and teams around the world, Notion makes it easy to create, organize and share information efficiently. At the heart of Notion is a modular system that combines notes, databases, dashboards and calendars. This modular approach allows users to customize their workspace to their specific needs, while facilitating intuitive navigation and simplified task management.

Notion’s user interface is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill level. Whether you&#8217re planning a project, tracking daily tasks or collaborating with a team, Notion offers robust tools for structuring information and improving productivity. What’s more, Notion supports real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work together on the same document simultaneously.

In short, Notion is positioned as a complete solution for those looking to organize their work efficiently and improve their collaborative workflow, while offering remarkable flexibility and ease of use.

What are Notion’s features?

Notion is a project management and collaboration platform offering a multitude of features to organize and optimize your work.

Project and Task Management

Notion lets you manage projects and tasks efficiently. You can create Kanban boards, task lists, and calendars. What&#8217s more, you can assign tasks to different team members, set deadlines and track project progress in real time. The ability to customize tables and lists to your specific needs adds great flexibility.

Databases and Tables

Notion includes database and table functionality to organize and manage your information. You can create databases for contacts, projects, or inventories. Users can also link these databases together, facilitating the management of complex data. Filters and customized views let you visualize information clearly and concisely.

Notes and Documentation

Note-taking in Notion is intuitive and powerful. You can create detailed note pages, add images, videos, and files. What&#8217s more, you can organize your notes in a hierarchical structure, making it easy to navigate and find information. Rich formatting options let you create professional documents directly in Notion.

Real-Time Collaboration

Notion promotes real-time collaboration. Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same document, which is ideal for geographically dispersed teams. Comments and mentions facilitate direct communication within documents. What’s more, versioning functionality allows you to track changes and revert to a previous version if necessary.

Integrations and Widgets

Notion integrates with many other applications, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Trello. These integrations centralize your tools and improve your workflow. Built-in widgets, such as calendars and charts, add additional functionality directly into your Notion workspace.

Pre-designed Templates and Templates

Notion offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and templates to get you started quickly. Whether you need a project management template, a daily journal, or a recruitment database, Notion offers options to suit a variety of needs. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to adapt them to your specific requirements.

Synchronization and Accessibility

Notion is accessible on a variety of platforms, including the web, desktops, and mobile devices. Real-time synchronization ensures that your data is always up-to-date, no matter what device you’re using. This accessibility allows you to work flexibly and remain productive on the move.

Security and Access Control

Notion takes the security of your data seriously. You can define permission levels for different users, control access to sensitive documents, and ensure the confidentiality of your information. The platform uses robust security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Notion?

This tool has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are just a few:


  • Customize “blocks” as you wish: to-dos, notes, titles, comments.
  • It’s very easy to create an internal wiki using the templates available, and it’s easy to add and use entries.
  • Possibility to share the information you want with your customers and hide the rest so as not to be overwhelmed by other information.
  • A sleek, functional dashboard that’s highly intuitive.


  • L’application n’est pas disponible en français.
  • The calendar cannot be displayed in formats other than the monthly view.
  • There’s no offline mode for desktop use and no integration with Google Calendar to track deadlines.
  • Windows and Android applications are sometimes very slow.

How much is Notion?

Notion offers 4 price plans :

  • Personal: free for personal use. You can invite up to 5 people to join you. On your account, you can create an unlimited number of pages and content called “blocks”. On the other hand, you can only upload files up to 5 MB. However, you won’t get advanced permissions or version history.
  • Personal Pro: $5 per month, always reserved for one person. With this level of service, you&#8217re not limited by the size of the files you want to download or the number of people you can invite. You also get version history, priority support and advanced permissions to limit what others can do with your notes when you share them.
  • Team: the Teams package costs $8 per user per month. It offers everything included in a personal plan as well as collaborative workspaces and management tools.
  • Companies: Contact the Notion sales team directly for a customized quote. This plan is ideal for advanced use of the tool. Benefit from dedicated support at Notion and advanced security for your entire team.

What are the alternatives to Notion?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Notion, here are some popular options to consider.


ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform. You can manage tasks, documents, reminders, goals, calendars and much more. ClickUp offers extensive customization and multiple integrations.


Coda combines document and spreadsheet functionality with project management capabilities. You can create interactive and collaborative documents, automate tasks, and centralize your information in one place.


Jira is a project management solution widely used in software development. You can track bugs, manage tasks, and plan sprints. Jira is particularly well suited to Agile and Scrum teams.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processing tool. It enables real-time collaboration, document sharing, and integration with other Google services. It’s a simple, effective solution for creating and sharing documents.


Trello uses a system of cards and tables to organize projects and tasks. You can create lists, move cards around, and collaborate with team members. Trello is intuitive and easy to use.


Evernote is a note-taking and organization app. You can capture ideas, organize notes, and synchronize your information across multiple devices. Evernote is ideal for both personal and professional management.

Our final review of Notion

Notion brings together many important productivity tools in one coherent platform. With a single account, you can perform multiple actions including replacing multiple applications, billings and accounts. This saves time and money, allowing you to concentrate on important tasks. What’s more, Notion is flexible and customizable to suit everyone’s needs.

We still suggest improving the application by adding a better integration system. For example, you could add an events calendar alongside a list of due dates; users could therefore enter new events in the calendar that correspond to existing tasks. A more ideal system would allow iCloud and Gmail calendars to be integrated into the app.

Notion offers a pleasant working environment by enabling users to centralize ideas, notes and tasks scattered across different applications. It’s also much more productive, since users can access all their data in one place.

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