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Slack: Overview and review of this collaborative communication tool

Discover Slack, its presentation and our opinion of this collaborative communication tool in this article. Zoom in!
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Having an effective collaborative communication tool contributes greatly to a company’s development. In fact, the real-time communication and collaboration provided by such a tool manages to create an environment transcending all kinds of barriers. These can be spatial or temporal. One of the most popular of these tools is Slack. In the following, discover Slack, presentation and review of this collaborative communication tool. Let’s get started!

Slack: What is it?

Slack is a messaging app dedicated to businesses that connects workers with the information they need. Launched in 2013, it began life as an internal communications tool.

Slack has steadily improved its market position, not least with the many acquisitions it has made in recent years. And its merger with Salesforce has only made it more competitive against platforms such as Microsoft’s Teams.

What makes Slack special?

Slack’s main peculiarities include the fact that it’s connected, inclusive and flexible. Here are more details on these points in question :


Slack makes it much easier to communicate with your colleagues. In fact, it lets you send a message to anyone inside or outside your organization. All while collaborating as you would in person. The whole process is carried out through workspaces called channels. These bring together the right people and the right information.



Slack offers all members of the same organization similar access to shared, searchable information. More broadly, when teams operate together in channels, they receive shared information at the same time. In this way, each member of the group can align and make decisions fairly quickly, if needed.


Slack supports multiple types of work, including asynchronous work. This allows you to access the information you need to complete your work in progress from anywhere.

More to the point, it takes no account of your location, time zone or job function. It only considers your work rhythm. As a result, you can ask questions, share updates or get information without having to coordinate your schedule.

What themes and customizations are available in Slack?


Slack offers a hundred different themes in its library. This is the fun part where you can copy values and paste them in. What’s more, you can choose a color that suits you, especially for the sidebar and hover elements.   


There are also many ways to personalize Slack apart from the channels. To do this, click on your profile picture, which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the chat window. Then select “Preferences” to get to the personalization options. From there, all you have to do is change language and region and play various settings.

What are the benefits of using Slack?

With Slack, you have the ability to create channels within your company. This allows you to include all colleagues involved in a customer project to facilitate real-time sharing and collaboration. What’s more, your channels can be private or public depending on your agreement with the customer.

In addition, this tool offers free plans with more organized and structured communication. It’s a perfect solution for having fun with colleagues, as you can share more than just your work. In fact, with Slack, all your data is completely protected even if you work with a variety of features.

What’s the downside of Slack?

Although Slack is a reliable communication tool, you should take notes, as your conversations will be deleted after 14 days. In fact, there’s a limit regarding its storage download. However, this is a serious problem, especially if you receive important things.

Verdict regarding Slack

Thanks to its merger with Salesforce, this collaborative communication tool is now a leader in its field. Well beyond this drawback, we can say that what it has to offer more than makes up for these problems.

At the end of the day, we recommend Slack to perfect your communication method and thus prosper your business.

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