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Zoom: Presentation and review of the online meeting tool

Are you looking for an effective videoconferencing tool? Discover Zoom and our review of this online meeting tool.
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Zoom has become an essential pillar of modern communication. In this digital age, where instant connectivity is paramount, Zoom stands out as an essential tool for online meetings. Enabling users from all over the world to meet virtually, Zoom facilitates real-time collaboration thanks to its intuitive functionality and ease of use. From scheduling meetings to broadcasting dynamic presentations, Zoom offers a robust platform that adapts to the varied needs of both professional and personal users. With options for fluid screen sharing and efficient participant management, Zoom revolutionizes the way teams interact remotely. Whether for creative brainstorming sessions or interactive online courses, Zoom is positioned as the ideal choice for those seeking to maximize the efficiency and quality of virtual exchanges.

Zoom: What is it?

The Zoom app was launched in 2011. It is headquartered in San Jose, California; however, it is available on several platforms. Zoom enables users to have easy, secure and organized video conferences for a small fee or for free.

Video and audio communication is an integral part of many professions, including businesses and teleworkers. That&#8217s why the application is aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs.

Video and audio communication is an integral part of many professions, including businesses and teleworkers.

Zoom is a communications application used by over 750,000 companies and organizations for internal and external communication.

Using Zoom’s software allows you to create a virtual meeting space. Many people can join these spaces after receiving an invitation and a unique identification code given when the space is created. Like conferences, classrooms and training rooms, this software makes it possible to accommodate many participants in a single location.

This application enables teams from all over the world to work together in the same virtual room. It is compatible with computers, tablets and cell phones, and offers many different modes of operation.

This application enables teams from all over the world to work together in the same virtual room.

What are Zoom’s main features?

In order to stand out in the market, Zoom Video Communications had to demonstrate a range of new capabilities.

Video conferencing with HD quality in the Cloud

Zoom software enables participants in a videoconference to interact in high definition with clear sound and images.

During the web conference, speakers can be selected and displayed in full-screen mode. What’s more, conference participants can be viewed in the gallery.

Video in the cloud allows the conference to continue even if participants have poor Internet connections. What’s more, the conference is held in the cloud, as this offers greater flexibility and stability.

The ability to share in a group


Screen sharing, document sharing, group messaging and video sharing are all possible via Zoom

During a videoconference, it’s essential to maintain continuity. Having breaks during the conference would violate this principle and make things harder to follow. Instead, allowing participants to talk amongst themselves or leave comments allows them to engage with the event without disrupting its flow. This is precisely what Zoom is all about


Easy participant intervention

Speakers can launch their presentations or demonstrate their ideas by taking control of the keyboard and mouse on Zoom.

A room administrator, meanwhile, can choose to activate features in the room, such as a whiteboard for detailed drawings and explanations.

The audio conference

Thanks to Zoom, you can also hold an audio conference instead of a video conference. In addition to unlimited VOIP lines, make and receive calls, you can also make free calls to certain locations.

Chat security

Zoom includes security protocols such as SSL and AES encryption in its application to keep discussions private and confidential. These protocols are implemented, as many of the discussion topics within the application are sensitive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zoom?

Zoom is widely adopted for its videoconferencing capabilities, but it has both significant advantages and notable disadvantages.


Zoom offers a videoconferencing experience enriched by numerous features and robust software quality. With demonstrations often praised for their excellence, it enables smooth, interactive meetings. The default setting of up to 100 participants makes Zoom ideal for large virtual meetings, facilitating large-scale collaboration. The platform is renowned for its reliability and ease of use, offering intuitive navigation even for new users. What&#8217s more, Zoom offers numerous integrations with other tools, reinforcing its usefulness in a variety of work environments. Abundant resources such as blogs and FAQs are available to guide users and solve common problems.


However, Zoom is not without its critics. Customer support can sometimes be perceived as unresponsive, which can frustrate users seeking immediate assistance. For webinars, some users note that the analysis report module could benefit from improvements to provide more detailed and relevant data. An additional difficulty is that joining a meeting directly from a web browser without first installing an extension can be complicated for some users, limiting instant accessibility to the platform.


In short, while Zoom offers many advantages when it comes to virtual communication, not least its robustness and extensive functionality, it’s important to consider these few potential points of improvement for an optimal, uninterrupted user experience.

What are Zoom’s price plans?

This solution has several price plans.

Zoom Free plan

  • Meeting limited to 40 min
  • Number of meetings limited
  • Participants no more than 100

Zoom Pro package

  • €13.99 per animator per month
  • 1 000 participants max;
  • Unlimited number of meetings ;
  • Meeting duration 24 hours ;
  • User management ;
  • Reports ;
  • 1 GB recording space

Zoom Business Package

  • €18.99 per animator per month ;
  • Includes 300 participants;
  • Unlimited number of meetings;
  • Up to 1000 participants (with surcharge) ;
  • User management ;
  • Reports;
  • 1 GB for recording ;
  • Customized URL ;
  • Customized URL ;
  • Customized emails.

Webinar Zoom Plan

  • €37 per presenter per month
  • 100 participants;
  • Administrator commands ;
  • Reminder emails before and after the webinar ;
  • Questions and polls;
  • Reports;
  • Integration with PayPal  and also with CRM;
  • Facebook and YouTube redistribution;
  • Monitoring of registration sources.

What are the alternatives to Zoom?

Before you choose to subscribe to anything, read the proposed subscription conditions carefully. Depending on your needs and budget, you may have to pay a fee. If Zoom doesn’t suit you, there are a few alternatives to the latter :

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Jitsi Meet
  • Discord
  • kMeet
  • GoToMeeting

Our review of Zoom : the online meeting tool

Zoom.us is a highly advanced communication tool usable on computer, tablet and smartphone. It offers superior video and audio capabilities in a single application.

Gartner Peel rated this item 4.69 out of 5. They stated that its high rating was due to its options and user-friendliness. This tool then offers the best experience for online meetings, web conferences and webinars

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