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Review of Weglot: The software for automatic website translation

Want to make your website multilingual? Here's what we think of Weglot.
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Avis sur Weglot
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Traduire son site e-commerce en plusieurs langues est maintenant indisponible pour accroître sa visibilité sur Internet. The choice of plugin depends on your CMS. There is, however, one extension that is compatible with several web technologies, and that’s Weglot. Want to know more about this application before you take the plunge? Check out our review of Weglot, the application that lets you translate your site automatically.

What is Weglot?

Translating your website is inevitable to increase your customer base. Among many multilingual website translators, Weglot occupies a very important place in this field, given that over 50 000 companies adopt it. Weglot is a plug-in compatible with several web technologies. It allows you to make your website multilingual by offering a choice of several languages.


What are Weglot’s strong points?

Multiple CMS compatibility

You can use the Weglot plugin with any CMS of your choice, if we only mention WordPress, Shopify, Wix, PrestaShop, etc. Its implementation is as fast as it is effective on any website. It’s especially effective with WordPress and Shopify. In case of difficulty, customer service is fast and very helpful in solving your problems.

Instant translation

Handling the Weglot plugin is very easy. It automatically detects languages and translates them instantly and in real time. It also translates URLs without you having to edit them manually. The Weglot application automatically translates all the content of your website : pages, articles, menus, etc.

In addition to automatic translation, the Weglot extension also offers a manual translation feature in case you want to translate some content yourself.

Automated localization

Complementing its machine translation capability, Weglot perfectly manages the automation of localization workflows. This feature is one of the advantages, because to develop your international chain business, localization management is essential.

Multiple languages available

You can do your translations in over 100 different languages using the Weglot app. It uses several translation engines to keep you happy, and even gives you access to professional translators.

Good for SEO

Weglot is also an excellent support for your online SEO. It increases your site’s visibility on search engines. Weglot also translates the SEO tags of SEO plugins. It uses international SEO strategy by implementing the hreflang tag to your site.

What are Weglot’s weaknesses?

No application is perfect, but it has to be said that Weglot has more advantages than disadvantages, including :

The price

First, you get a free version of the app although it’s a bit limited. And then you’ll have the option of a free trial for the first month of your payment. However, even with this free version, Weglot remains an overpriced plugin. Its unpaid functionality, which offers only 2000 words and can only be translated into one language, is very limited. And when you do have to pay, the price is exorbitant compared with other translation plug-ins specific to your CMS.

It’s still a matter of paying 499 euros per month or 4,990 euros per year to have 5 000 000 words and 20 languages.

Far from replacing a real translator


It should be pointed out, however, that Weglot is no substitute for a real translator. Its automatic translation does not take into account sentence and word contexts. Sometimes, the translation is a little shaky. The application doesn’t translate certain words well in certain translations. Even with the various translation engines, the resulting translation is not always satisfactory. Fortunately, with manual translation, we can correct them ourselves. That’s why we strongly recommend using a professional translator on BeFreelancr.

What do we think of Weglot?

In our opinion, Weglot is an excellent choice for getting your site translated into several languages. Sure, it has its weaknesses, but in general, its strengths win out over the whole. It does what’s expected of it. We only recommend using the paid version for more translation possibilities. And even though the price is a bit steep, it’s well worth it.

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