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Tidio review: 3 pros and 3 cons

Here you'll find our review of Tidio, its 3 pros and 3 cons, so you can decide whether it's the best choice for you.
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Whether you want to increase your online sales or build customer loyalty, it’s very important to get customer service right. One way to ensure this is through live chat platforms like Tidio. But to find out more before you decide, discover our review of Tidio, its 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages. Zoom in!

What is Tidio?

Tidio is the most widely used live chat tool for website owners worldwide. It was founded in 2013 by Martin Wiktor and Titus Gołas. You can find its headquarters in Poland, in Szczecin. In addition, it has several additional offices in San Francisco and London.  

Note that Tidio is a live chat solution with flexible pricing. In fact, you can choose between its three products for $10 to $18 each. That’s not all, note that it’s also available for free.

What features are available on Tidio?

The main features of Tidio are :

Live chat

This is a very insightful customer service tool. Live chat allows customer service representatives to interact with your site visitors. Key features include quick responses, input preview and file sharing. The same applies to visitor information and conversation histories.


Chatbots are software tools programmed to initiate a discussion with customers. They are generally used to answer questions and provide assistance. They are an excellent alternative to direct chat, especially if no agent is available.

Analyses and reports

Reporting in particular is necessary to understand and improve the effectiveness of live chat and to see customer engagement. Specifically, it gives customers access to data concerning operators, chats as well as acquired leads. This enables them to study the reaction time of their agents.

Email campaigns

The e-mail marketing plan on Tidio is only $10 per month. It’s a useful feature if you want to boost sales and engage customers. With this marketing strategy, you can generate the 5-20 % revenue for your business. What’s more, it’s possible to use it even if you have no knowledge of coding or HTML.

What pricing plans are available on Tidio?

The rate plans offered by Tidio come in 3 different types of offers. These include the  plan:

  • Libre,
  • Communicator, and
  • Chatbots.

As the name suggests, the free rate is 100 % free. It’s available to up to 3 chat operators and gives access to around 100 visitors per month. Live chats are unlimited and there are multilingual widgets included.

The communicator plan, meanwhile, is worth $19 per agent and is accessible with over 40 operators. It includes all the free features and more. These include live input, page viewed, etc.

Finally, the Chatbots plan allows access to up to 3 chat operators. With $43 monthly fee, you get access to various chatbot templates, Zapier integration and chatbot editor.

What are the pros and cons of Tidio?

Tidio’s 3 advantages

The main advantages of Tidio are :


Easy to use

Tidio has a clear interface as well as a modern design. This makes it one of the most user-friendly live chat tools available. You can even simulate conversations to test your user experience with this tool.

Very accessible chatbots

Tidio offers 40 ready-to-use chatbot templates. It covers categories such as increasing sales, solving problems and generating leads. This greatly helps agents automate the task.

Free pricing plan

As you know, Tidio offers a $0 price plan. But despite this, note that this plan offers some very sophisticated chatbot functionality. What’s more, you should know that this plan also includes a fairly considerable amount of inclusions.

Tidio’s 3 drawbacks

Besides these notable advantages of Tidio, there are a few disadvantages worth mentioning. These include :

  • its rather confusing pricing structure,
  • its very limited number of integrations,
  • its customer service and support features unsatisfactory in general.

What do we think of Tidio?

Tidio is widely praised as an effective live chat and chatbot tool, ideal for improving customer service and increasing online sales. Users praise its ease of use, advanced chatbot features, and ability to significantly improve customer engagement. With options such as intelligent conversation routing and automated responses, Tidio enables companies to manage customer interactions efficiently, while delivering an optimal user experience. However, some reviews mention that a learning period is required to fully exploit all its features.

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