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Top 10 organization and productivity tools

Want to use good organization and productivity tools in your work? Discover the 10 best tools in this article.
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You want to increase your productivity ? You’ve come to the right place. Today, I&#8217m introducing you to 10 organization and productivity tools.

Nothing is more essential than having a productive life! And productivity is an important issue in any organization. However, it’s not always easy to know how to manage your time at work. Many organization and productivity tools are now available to everyone, to help you be more efficient, better organized, or even automate certain tasks. Here are the 10 best organization and productivity tools we’ve selected for you! However, if you need the help of a virtual assistant, you can go to BeFreelancr.


ClickUp is one of the most widely used tools for teams working together remotely. It is an all-in-one project management tool that addresses any inefficiencies in projects and tasks. ClickUp helps you achieve your goals and solves all your complex problems. Also, thanks to its clear visual hierarchy, it’s possible to plan projects and connect participants efficiently.

What are ClickUp’s features?

Here are just a few of its functions:

  • A clear visual hierarchy in which projects are organized and filtered
  • A clear overall view of team progress and to-do lists
  • 35+ ClickApps to integrate more functionality into workflows
  • Customizable workspace
  • Real-time chat, commenting, tagging and file sharing
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Don’t miss this powerful organization and productivity tool either : Hubspot ! It’s an integrated hub that includes sales tools, marketing software and much more.

Discover powerful applications and services in the marketing hub, service hub, sales hub, CMS hub and operations hub.

What are Hubspot’s features?

Hubspot has a variety of features:

  • Integrated marketing analysis software
  • Free email tracking and email marketing tools
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Time-saving social media management tools for creating publications and promoting social interactions
  • Automation tools
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If scheduling meetings with your team is a headache for you, Calendly is the solution ! This organization and productivity tool does everything from scheduling conferences to sending notifications to team members. In fact, all you have to do is provide your availability preferences. With these, Calendly will generate the corresponding time slots, from which your team can choose. Scheduling can therefore become child’s play with Calendly.

What are Calendly’s features?

The main features of Calendly are :

  • Really efficient planning
  • Implementing buffer times between meetings
  • Automatic reminders of scheduled appointments
  • Tool and application integrations
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Time Doctor

Time Doctor is the ultimate organization and productivity tool for time tracking. Join this tool to track employees’ working hours and generate statistical reports on their application usage. So it’s a time management tool that identifies time-wasting behavior, boosts productivity and improves profitability.

What are Doctor’s features?

Time Doctor features a number of different functionalities:

  • Real-time screenshots of workers’ screens to track their progress online
  • Daily and weekly analysis of working hours, site and app usage to track productivity
  • Contextual alerts that remind users to stay focused
  • Synchronization with a wide variety of organization and productivity tools.


Among the top 10 organization and productivity tools, we also find Trello. Indeed, Trello is a flexible collaboration tool that organizes your projects into visual bird’s-eye boards on a timeline. It’s simple to use, yet highly intuitive. You can also personalize your Trello boards with a host of extensions, such as wallpapers and stickers. So Trello lets you stay organized while managing everything in the same workspace.

Trello is part of the Atlassian group. A company that has created several organization tools. So this is a speciality for Atlassian.

What are Trello’s features?

Trello has a few features worth knowing about:

  • The customizable Trello table, lists and cards for task management
  • Integrated task automation
  • Integration with excellent productivity tools to meet specific needs.


If you already have perfect self-control at work, i.e. you put professionalism first, then Slack is for you. Indeed, Slack is a messaging tool that allows your remote team to stay connected even when they’re not in the same office. Its principle is to centralize remote workers, conversations, files, in a single workspace. This will make brainstorming, communication and decision-making more focused and efficient than ever.

What are Slack’s features?

Features of Slack include :


  • Flexible channels that centralize and simplify communication
  • Connection with other productivity tools and services such as Google Drive, Zoom, etc.
  • Workflow automation.

Rescue Time

Does your mobile device sometimes distract you to the point where you can’t get anything done ? Do you want to get rid of these distractions and adopt productive  habits? The Rescue Time organization and productivity tool is for you.

In fact, Rescue Time is a mobile app that monitors screen time and device usage. What’s more, it assesses your work style and daily schedule to help you set daily work goals. You’ll receive an automatic summary giving you a thoughtful overview of time management and productivity.

What are Rescue Time’s features?

Rescue Time features are :

  • Automatic, intelligent accounting of your working day
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  • Rugust analysis of time use and productivity
  • Starting a focus session to block online distraction sites
  • Intelligent coaching that will motivate and propel your work.


Notion is the application that centralizes all your tasks in one place. It’s also the ideal tool to avoid navigating from tool to tool. This organization and productivity tool lets you manage projects, tasks, documents, notes and tables. In fact, you can prioritize your projects, track their progress and create tables from your databases. All this is done on a dedicated, team-shared location !

The Notion application really does bring together everything teams need. You can store all the knowledge you need to keep your organization running smoothly.

What are Notion’s features?

Here are the main features of Notion :

  • A minimalist, intuitive and ultra-customizable interface
  • The creation of “Wikis”, allowing you to create a common space and provide access to information such as HR documents, professional contact details, etc.


Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by floods of inspiration and ideas, and don’t know where to put them all ? One way of effectively solving this problem is to use Evernote !

Evernote is quite simply the best organizational and productivity tool for note-taking. With it, build your projects by assigning tasks with due dates in notes. You can also attach images, documents, links, sound, etc. to enrich your notes. Then synchronize with your calendar to set reminders. These will help you meet deadlines and productivity.

So, when everything is controlled in a single space, project management and collaboration are made more accessible than ever !

What are Evernote’s features?

There are a few main Evernote  features:

  • A wide variety of customizable and reusable note templates
  • Shared collaboration spaces that align team members and accelerate productivity
  • Notes automatically synchronized across all devices for easy retrieval
  • Synchronization with apps and tools like Google Drive, Outlook and Google Calendar.


Zapier is the best solution for saving time at work and boosting productivity. In fact, this tool allows you to automate your repetitive daily tasks. Simple to set up, workflows, or ” Zaps ” automatically trigger the required event. What’s more, one of the great advantages of this tool is that it offers already-existing ” Zaps ” templates, to save even more time !

What are Zapier’s features?

Zapier’s main features include :


  • Connection with over 2000 applications
  • Automation of tasks

These tools are the best solutions to have a good organization and to increase your productivity especially if you are a SME, TPE or a freelancer.

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